Monday, March 16, 2009

Live From The Infirmary Ward

I usually love Monday mornings. The chance to clean up the chaos of the weekend and prepare for another busy week ahead. I always feel an extra burst of energy on Mondays and often feel my most productive.

But not today.

Today I feel sad that my little peanut Hannah is still unbelievably sick. Her fever wages on, her cheeks are sallow, her eyes sunken and she is so sad not to see her beloved teacher after a whole week off. Curious George is on the telly trying his best to cheer her up and I think he's managed a slight smile out of her but she remains curled up on the couch trying her best to feel better.

Her illness also caused her to miss a good friend's birthday party Saturday night which was another thorn in her side. Her first real slumber party complete with S'mores, nail polish and girlie movies. And after seeing me help with the cake on Friday, she could hardly take it.

Pretty dang cute, huh?

The other sad thing that has happened at our house is that Austin seems to be about done nursing. We've been supplementing him at night with a bottle and now he seems to prefer that so much more. And while I'm sad that this part of my life is officially over, I'm also secretly thrilled. Is that horrible? I've always loved nursing my babies but the bottle thing really makes life so much easier. We made it nine months so I think we're both good.

The bright spot of our weekend was Hannah losing her first tooth! She's one of the last kids in her class to finally lose a tooth and she was so excited to join the club. And making it all better was the adorable tooth fairy pillow made just for her by the amazing Marilyn. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you Marilyn for making my girl smile so big!

Hey Blogger, what's up? I still can't post a picture in my header (any picture for that matter and not just my cute new header) and now it won't turn the "italics" off. Seriously annoying.


Kris said...

I'm sorry that Hannah is still sick. I know how it when they are sick for so many days and want to go to school. Such a bummer about the b-day party too. I hope she feels better soon and can get back school this week. Good Luck. I bet she was thrilled about the tooth fairy. That's exciting.

hatch said...

That cake is soooo cute!!
Sorry to hear about Hannah. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Amy said...

Poor little Hannah! Congraulations on your lost tooth! Liah just lost her first one a couple months ago.
Seriously cute cake!!!

p.s. for what it's worth, smitten blog designs did my blog, maybe they could fix your problem.

AOlson said...

We, Kayla and I, hope Hannah feels better very soon. Missing her first slumbner party? What a major bummer. Adorable cake, though!!
So Kayla still has yet to lose any teeth at all. This really made her happy for Hannah but still upset that she thinks everyone is losing teeth except for her. She is always trying to wiggle her tiny little teeth loose with no success.

Dandee said...

LOVE the cake! Hope Hannah is feeling better soon. There's nothing worse as a kid then feeling like your missing out on all the fun.

tharker said...

The cake is ADORABLE! That's so sad that Hannah had to miss the party though.

Hang in there, Karen. It will be over soon!

Lisa said...

That cake is the most amazing thing that I have EVER seen!!!!!!!!

Annette Rose said...

Cute cake! Yay on being done nursing... Its wonderful to do it... but almost as wonderful to be done doing it! Congrats on reclaiming your boobs!

Andre said...

So sad to hear about Hannah! I would rather be sick than have to see my kids endure it.

(I've noticed that sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own.)

lindsay>boo said...

Wow! That cake turned out fantastic! So sorry Hannah is still sick. Hopefully you can get her better and get all the yuck out of your household. You guys have been sick for like 3 weeks.

And I say 9 months is an awesome amount of nursing. So pat yourself on the back and relish the thought of your nursing days being done...forever!

Heather said...

We usually only make it to 10 months on nursing.

DARN, I was really looking forward to sharing some bonding time as we pumped this weekend. HA!

The cake rocks! Your are gonna put me out of business if you don't slow down KJ.

Kate said...

Awww, I hate that so many little ones are sick right now. I hope she feels better soon!!
That cake turned out great!! so cute :)

Sarah said...

We sure missed your kids in primary yesterday. There have been lots of people gone from these nasty bugs going around. I hope Hannah feels better very soon and can get back to being her fun little self.

Kelly said...

Still sick? Poor little thing, I hope today will be a better day.

How can Austin possibly be 9 months old already?

How long did it take you to make that cake? Unbelievable!! Too cute to eat.

Have a better day today!!