Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday was spent doing the things of mom. Laundry, cleaning out dressers, giving medicine, reading books, and snuggling a sick little one. The other children seemed to move around me in the periphery because I was so focused on Hannah and getting her better.

Around 5:15, as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner, Spence asked "are we going to McTeacher Night tonight?"

Uh, crap.

"You know buddy," I began, "Hannah is really sick still and I've already made dinner so I think we'll have to skip it tonight. Maybe we can go tomorrow night for Hannah's class if she's better."

"Ok Mom. I understand. Maybe my teacher can go tomorrow night too so I can see him there."

Crap, crap, crap.

When Brad came in at five to 6, I told him Spence and I were headed out for a quick date. I ran upstairs to try and make myself presentable because really? When you're quarantined at home all day with sick kids do you even think to put on makeup or brush your hair out of the shower? Me either.

I managed to get my hair into the world's smallest ponytail and off we went. Spence told me his teacher's shift ended at 6 and since it was quarter past, I said a quick prayer that he would still be there. We chatted in the car and I made a mental note to do this more with this particular kid. He fills my soul.

When we pulled up to a packed parking lot, I saw a huge smile break across Spence's face in the rear view mirror for who was holding the door for people but his very own Sr. Silva! That smile made my whole day.

After feasting on a Snicker's McFlurry and seeing all kinds of people from school, we made our way to the store for some quick grocery items (ie: more children's Tylenol) Spence pushed the cart and we talked, really talked, and I loved it. I forced my mind to stay in the moment and not run ahead of me like it usually does. We even snagged a Lucky Irish t-shirt to wear to school today.

Here's what I learned: Spence's needs are simple. He is more than willing to stand in the back and let others do, say, be what they want. He understands the workings of our family and never throws a fit when things don't go his way. And although his needs are simple, they are still his needs. And I need to pay more attention to that. To make sure that he knows how much he is loved and how valuable he is to our family.

Last night I got a good start with a McFlurry and a new t-shirt.

::Happy anniverary to my mom who, 44 years ago today, made her way from the old country to life in the States! I'm so glad you did!::


Sarah said...

Karen, this was so sweet. Spencer really is a great boy, I always get the impression from him that he is the type of person who thinks of others first. Glad you were able to make a quick dash over there and he still got to see his teacher.

AOlson said...

Karen you are so great. I love how you recognize the "moments" in life. Spence is a special kid with a special mom.

Kelly said...

That kid is wise beyond his years. Such a sweet and thoughtful boy. Sounds like you two had a fun, well deserved, and memorable "date" last night! Here's to many more in the future!!

Amy said...

What a good mom!
Now I feel guilty for telling Liah I wouldn't take her tonight...

tharker said...

I love that boy so much! I'm so proud of him for being such an understanding kid, but I'm also SO happy for him that he was able to get this special time just with you. Good job seeing that he needed you and this moment together. You are such a good mom, Karen. Thanks for teaching ME!

Stacia said...

What a great way to honor your pledge of being a mother! I love how introspective you are.

Kris said...

Spencer reminds me of Tyler. Willing to put other people ahead of himself. I wonder if being the oldest is part of that. Anyway, he really is a great kid and I love how you treasure your time with him. What a fun night that I'm sure he'll remember forever too.

stylist to the stars said...

I think that you needed this as much as Spence did. I( am glad that you had such a great time :)

Heather said...

Awww... that's great.

Where is your mom from? I'm guessing England with all that China she's got.

McSexy said...

And if you'd been on this side of the mountains, you could've had that blizzard with a different teacher wearing a neon-green "McTeacher Night" T-shirt!

Andre said...

You're a great mom! I went to McTeacher's night and may not go back; too crazy!