Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Things That I Would Really Love Right Now

*A poop and vomit-free Austin
*A beautifully mowed lawn
*Nice arms. Seriously, I've been working pretty hard on this one and I can't see a lick of progress. Just two nice oblong bowls of jelly jiggling furiously for the world to see
*Chocolate fondue
*A date with my husband. Or just my husband at home for more than 22 minutes at a time.
*To be boarding a plane right now with some fabulous friends to a great place, although said great place is currently inundated with piggy nastiness so I guess the three month wait is a good thing
*Ice cold fountain Dr. Pepper
*New flip flops. I've been wearing the same sad pair for three summers now and while I love them, they are in a pathetic state. Is it just me or has this season's supply of flips been completely lame??? If anyone knows of some cute ones, link me there.
*Warm weather. The cabin fever of my girlies on top of super sick baby has put me over the edge.
*A new watch. The one I'm currently wearing is one that a girl asked me to hold for her at Girl's Camp two years ago. I know that sounds like I stole it, but I didn't. I'm still just holding it. The girl disappeared and I have no idea who she is.
*Patience. I know, I say this often and I pray for it daily but SERIOUSLY. I need some patience. Now please.
*To be alone. Is that horrible? I'm sure it is but I would really, really, really, love some time alone to be, um, alone. All alone. Without anyone needing me for anything. It has been way too long.
*New blades for my razor. My Portuguese hair keeps getting caught in the dullness and it's making my legs look like target practice for everyone's favorite vampire.
*The ability to spell Portuguese correctly. Seriously, how embarrassing. I'm a great speller and that's my freakin' heritage for goodness sake, but I spelled it wrong. Thank you spell checker for hiding my lameness from my people.
*A three column template. Yep, still working on that one.
*My custom header to actually appear in my header. Blogger hates me. But guess what Blogger? I hate you too.
*A babe for this sweet couple.
*Did I mention my husband being home????? Just checking.
*A girl's weekend.
*Another Dr. Pepper
*World Peace


Heather said...

You still have that watch?? Maybe I should go to GC this year, I need a new one too. Amen on the flip flops.... I think I'm going with croc version this year.

Kelly said...

You funny, funny girl. Hang in there. Pour yourself a cold Dr. Pepper, put in a movie for the kiddos, and lock yourself in your bedroom. Even ten minutes alone to yourself will do wonders!

PS... I still say popcorn for dinner is totally acceptable after a day like you've had. :) Kids love popcorn.


Hannah J said...

You're "holding" the watch? Nice, Sister Pottymouth...real nice ;)

And no, wanting to be alone is not wrong! You just need 30 minutes, and it will work wonders.

Love you!

tharker said...

Ummmm, sorry. Apparently, I was signed into Hannah's blogger account. That was really me, not Hannah J.

lindsay>boo said...

Hopefully Austin will turn the corner soon. You so need to go on a date night with Brad--get yourself some fondue & Dr. Pepper, spring for a new watch, razors, and flip flops.

I hear you about the flip flop thing--though I will freely admit that I only looked at Target and it was after they were having some sort of sale because there were hardly any there.

Kris said...

The flip flop selection this year is horrible. I can't find a thing that I like. I'll keep looking.

I hope Austin starts to feel better soon. I've been thinking about you and hope your family gets better soon! Oh and bring on the spring weather!

T said...

try tevas...they have few i like...i got the red ones.

click on the shoe for more color, etc.

T said...

red ones in the.."mush".

Trevor and Sara said...

If you need a babysitter so you can get some alone time, just call me. I am not joking.

Sarah said...

Your Dr. Pepper comment cracked me up, because seriously sometimes there is nothing better than a D.P. fountain drink with clinky ice to make your day all better. I really hope little Austin gets better soon, that is so sad he has been feeling so yucky.

Amy said...

I'm still laughing about the watch. That is hilarious.

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