Friday, May 01, 2009

Girl Time

Squish and I love Friday mornings.

Donuts? Check.
Nails painted? Check.
Lunch plans with Daddy? Check.

Happy Friday!

(And a HUGE thank you to the amazing Tyleen for showing up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon with a big hug and a fountain Dr. Pepper. You seriously brought tears to my eyes!)


AOlson said...

You two have GORGEOUS eyes!!

tharker said...

Such a cute picture!!

I'm glad today is going better for you. And I'm so glad you got your D.P. Kudos to Tyleen for sure!!

stylist to the stars said...

Pic is so cute!

Kate said...

That picture is so cute :)
and yay for DP!! especially from fountain DP!
Have a good rest of your friday :)

Kelly said...

What a difference a day makes. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Friday.

Tyleen Rocks!

Mimi said...

ahhhh. It doesn't get much cuter that this! It was nice to see you today, I only wish I could have said more then hello! Maybe next time!

Mimi said...

Karen and Spencer!
Thank you for preventing Aidan from the horrors of high-waters! You are very kind!!!