Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Break, Day 6

::Grocery list, slightly modified by the Rizz::
(Wonder who he's talking about...)


Dallin & Ashley said...

Can I just tell you what my favorite part of this list is? (Besides the attitude adjustment part :)) Uncle Dan's. I love that you call Ranch Uncle Dan's!! We always called it that at our house and whenever we'd say it to anyone else we'd get a blank look and a, "huh?" I'm glad to know the Henry's aren't the only ones :)

tharker said...

Very subtle, Brad. Very subtle ;)

Love the cute little birdie and your tree on the side. Is that going to be the new header?

Lisa said...

That's funny.... :)

Amy said...

What aisle are attitude adjustments on?? I need to pick up a couple of those for some people around my house. I'm fresh out.