Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

For the past two and a half days, I have been basking in the love of some of my dearest friends. Friends who laugh at you when you do something stupid, who tell you when you look ridiculous in a new piece of clothing and who love every inch of you and accept you unconditionally.

It was delightful.

Erica and Michele, with their sweet babes in tow, dropped out of their hectic lives for a few days to give me some birthday lovin. (Christy was excused and completely missed but she recently birthed a babe and is adjusting to life with two and no sleep. We love you. We missed you.) And we carried on as we always do, loving on each others kids, laughing at things no one else would find funny and holding our own in a four-sided friendship that, as Erica pointed out at dinner last night, has spanned almost 20 years. I was reminded again how much I need these women and how thankful I am that the Good Lord placed these women in my life. He knew I would need them, really need them, and as I sat among them and listened to their collective stories, I felt with a fierce assurety that these women make me who I am more than my own DNA. Their examples and words and stories and experiences and kindness and love and sillyness and very breath make me so happy to be a woman, who, at 33 years and 364 days, loves every inch of her life but most importantly, the people in it.

(michele, me, erica)

Sidenote: we are seriously a nice, attractive group of women who used to be incredibly photogenic. And now we're just old and this was the best we could do but you get the idea.

Thanks ladies, for helping me ring in my thirty-fourth year as only you can. I adore you.


Kelly said...

Awesome! Good friends make the world go 'round, glad you had such a wonderful weekend!:)

Love the photo by the way!

tharker said...

I absolutely love the fact that you all have been friends for 20 years and are still going strong! I have no doubt that YOU also helped make them into the awesome women that they are today. I've only met them each a handful of times, but I am so impressed with each of them. You are lucky indeed.

Marilyn said...

That's a great photo. And sorry I missed you today, but I hope you love the music, and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!

P.S. You probably already know this, but you and my brother Mitch share a birthday.

Erica said...

The sentimentality of this post beats my card, hands down. :) Good heavens, we are beautiful!

Tiffany said...

20 years!!!!! When did you guys meet when you were like 5????? I think that is so awesome that you guys still stay in touch!!!!!! Wahoo for the hot ladies!

Tiffany said...

Just wanted to say goodnight!