Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stupid Things I Do To Myself And Other Ramblings

It's 8:02 pm. Is that too early to go to bed? What's a socially acceptable time for a woman of my age to hit the sheets without feeling like a toddler who needs a drink of water before being tucked in? Because really, I am exhausted and could totally snooze off right now and not wake til morning and it would be delightful.

I spent four hours making dinner today. FOUR. FREAKING.HOURS. I did it to myself, mind you, but still. We had our dear friends the Hansen's over for dinner as they are another transplanted family to these parts and so we frequently spend holidays together. And since Sonya is a fabulous cook, she usually does a large part of the meal and we concoct something truly delish together. But since they are moving, um, TOMORROW, I decided to be sweet and give her an out on the dinner prep.

What with it being Easter and all, I decided to make the infamous Chicken Costelleta that's been floating around, accompanied by roasted garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, Caesar salad with homemade croutons, deviled eggs, because, come on, it IS Easter, and homemade breadsticks. And of course, the family fave bunny cake for dessert. And I thought I had everything under control until, well, I didn't and then spent four hours making dinner.

The good news? It was so amazingly yummy.

The bad news? I want to go to bed. And now it's 8:08. Better wrap this up.

The other things adding to my exhaustion are the crazy spring weekends that are in full swing in our house. Yesterday was Spencer's first baseball game and after a very rocky start to the season and a team switch, I am happy to report that my favorite little slugger is back in love with baseball. He was over the moon with his first game, managed three base hits and had some sweet moves in the infield. That boy is all about business on the ballfield.

After Spence's game and a lunch at McDonald's treated by Grandpa, we came home where Sienna mastered riding her bike without training wheels. She isn't even four yet but off they came and off she went. She rode to the park with the other kids and dad and went on several small bike rides down the street. You can literally see the pride coming through her pores at being able to keep up with the big kids. I took some great video of her riding home but it ends with me yelling at Brad to keep her from running into the car, so I decided not to use it.

Go figure.

Next up, egg dyeing, my most hated task as a Mama. I love watching the kids have fun but those stupid dye pills? The ones that leave your entire fingertip bright orange! or bright green! so you look like a freak at church the next day? Yeah, I'm out on those.

Finally, this morning, in my attempt to have everyone ready well before church so we could get some decent pictures, we still ended up waking the babe last minute, throwing some clothes on him, and hoping for the best. The kids looked awesome, as you may or may not be able to tell in this picture. But seriously? Austin in a tie? I'm dying here.

It looks like we may have lost an Easter Bunny believer hopping down our trail, which saddens me because it's one of my favorite things about Spence, his utter determination to believe in all things magical and fun, butI guess it's time. I secretly think he's still on the fence and am keeping my fingers crossed.

We have a busy week ahead of us with some not-so-fun things in store, but on this Easter Sunday I feel a quiet peace that the road ahead will be uneventful and that my loving Heavenly Father will hold my little one close and keep him safe and healthy.

It's 8:28 now. I've lost 26 minutes of restful sleep but as always, it's fun chatting with you. Sweet dreams friends!

Addendum: It is now 12:13 am. Austin has woken up every 15 minutes since 8:29. I just spent a half hour driving him around town and carried him, in his giganto carseat up to his room where I am hoping he will sleep. Must be the ears. Again. Poor little man. His week is turning out horrible! And me? No sleep? It's bound to be ugly up in here.


Kelly said...

Wowza. You have been busy.

I am salivating at the sound of your Easter dinner. :) You are a crazy lady in the kitchen.

Congrats to Sienna and her two wheelin' accomplishment!

And the picture of your kids in their Easter attire was too stinkin' cute for words.

Is Austin having his procedure this week? Can I do anything to help?

I think moms are allowed to go to bed anytime they want to. Goodnight!

Tiffany said...

Holy crap lady 4 HOURS!!!!!!!! You rock!!! Your kids looked so cute in their outfits!!! Keep us posted about Austin! Have a great week!

tharker said...

Oooh, how good does Costoletta sound right now? Yeah, so it's 10:08 pm...but it STILL sounds good! I'm glad your meal turned out so yummy, even though you spent 4 hours making it. But I am curious, what was it that took so long?

Okay, your kids. SERIOUSLY!!! Austin in a tie? Can I just eat him right now? (do you sense any eating theme going on with this comment?) I love the girls skirts, and how is it that Spence looks SO grown up? I don't like this. Not one bit.

I'm so glad that Spencer was able to switch and is once again loving his favorite sport. We would love to come to one of his games sometime. Just let us know.

Everything's going to be fine with Austin's surgery. Please let me know if there's anything you need help with. Do you need someone to watch your kids?

Sweet dreams, Karen J!

Heather said...

I passed you as I was leaving the ball field yesterday. Dinner sounded great and Sienna on a bike?? Crazy.

Amy said...

By all means, sleep! Especially if you're going to have a crazy week ahead. Get it while you can.
Your dinner sounds wonderful. I thought you were going to say that you spent 4 hours on dinner and then it didn't work out. I was worried.
LOVING Austin in a tie. That is so unbelievably adorable.
Good luck this week!

hatch said...

Your dinner sounds amazing! What lucky friends you have.
I love Austin in a tie. Adorable. If you need any help this week give me a call.

Rainbow Fingers said...

A. My fingers are still purple and green.
B. I'm so glad to hear Spencer's loving baseball. I've been thinking of him all week and hoping that he didn't lose the fun of the game. Or, rather... teh coaches didn't forget about the fun of the game. McKay starts Wednesday.
C. We had an Indoor Easter Picnic for dinner... took 5 minutes to prep... sat on a blanket in the living room by the fire and ate on paper plates while it poured down rain outside.
D. Your night sounds awful!!! No sleep is my worst nightmare (as you know...)

Mimi said...

Mmmmmm to dinner and to beautiful children! What a wonderful weekend you had! It sounds like the hard work paid off. Poor Austin:( I feel for him and his little ears.

Trevor and Sara said...

That picture of the kids is TO DIE FOR!!! Beautiful! Makes my bilogical clock go nutso. :)

Ms. Kristen said...

Your little guy is in my prayers. I need the details tomorrow at preschool! Im worried!

Lisa said...

That dinner sounds amazing!

Your kiddos look smashing in their Easter best!