Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To Do:

Today is crazy busy:
*Set up the Teacher Appreciation breakfast (huge thanks to Tiffani and Cindy!)
*Run to Costco for Wednesday's food
*Sub at PHS
*Attend my first pack meeting as assistant leader
*Race home, grab some dinner and head to Spencer's game
*Make and frost 75 cupcakes
*Bunko (if I'm lucky)
*Spend a few minutes talking to my husband before I...
*Fall asleep
The only reason I'm able to accomplish this list is because of my mother. She is home, baking cupcakes, watching kids and filling in all the holes that I am leaving as I dash about town. Thanks Mom! I would not survive this week without you!


Kelly said...

After reading your list of to do's, the day I once found hectic seems like a total breeze!

Give your mom a hug for me!

Annette Rose said...

Hope you make it to bunko! (thats the most fun for sure!)

The Neff Family said...

You better be at BUNKO!!!!

Lisa said...

A busy bee I see!

tharker said...

I know your day was super busy. I hope that it all went smoothly.

Your mom rocks!

Kris said...

Your mom sounds like a lifesaver. I think your new calling is perfect for you. I bet you will love it. Hopefully by now you are almost asleep! It was fun seeing you yesterday! Loved your pink jacket!

Heather said...

wow, good luck with it all.

stylist to the stars said...

Thank goodness for mothers! Where would we be with out them?

Sarah said...

Thanks goodness for mom's right? Glad yours could come lend you a hand with your crazy week. Hope everything went well that you needed to do. I hope little Austin is doing better as well.