Thursday, June 04, 2009


Do you see that?

That's me, turning my head to the left, something I haven't been able to do since Saturday. Hooray for chiropractors and seriously buff massage therapists. I still have one isolated spot of pretty decent pain, but for the most part, I am up and at em.

In other news, The Captain has entered the world of big boyness and now rides facing forward. The older kids have been acting like it's the greatest accomplishment of all time.

"Good job Witt! You've finally managed to eat your weight in cottage cheese and now you can roll like the rest of us!"

(Witt is Austin's official nickname and the kids rarely call him anything else. It is derived for Little Man, which became Wittle Man, and now, because the planets aligned and my kids played limbo under Saturn's rings, he is now Witt, or more commonly The Witt. I have no control over these things.
Brad is often the worst offender. I'm more partial to The Captain but usually call him Buzz. What is it with our family and nicknames?)

Tomorrow morning I leave for The West Side to spend 2 1/2 glorious days in the glow of my dear friends and mother. Erica is the last of us to turn 34 and we will be celebrating all weekend in style. No kids (except the adorable Maya who is about 2 seconds old and a ball of perfection) no husbands, no schedule. Cannot wait. The weekend should provide me with enough blogging material for weeks to come.

See you next week!


Janna G said...

Have fun! I am so jealous I could use a weekend away!

tharker said...

I'm so glad you're feeling some relief.

But do you want to know what my very first thought was when I looked at your picture? Okay, I'll tell. My first thought was how great you look. You are looking amazing, Karen. All your hard work is paying off!

Love the little man's grin in this last picture. I just need a small bite of those cheeks!

Kelly said...

Ditto to everything Tiffany said! My thoughts exactly.

You look fantastic Kiz-jo...give "The Witt" a little smooch for me!

Have a fab weekend with the gals! Maybe we'll pass eachother on I-90...we are headed to Casa Del lago!

This Weekend's Lucky One said...

I agree with Tiffany too! Who cares about your neck success, skinny mini?!

Lisa said...

I love the evolution of nicknames :)

Andre said...

The nickname thing is funny. We call Colby "Little Man", too.

Marilyn said...

Karen, that's a great picture of you! and have a great weekend!

Tiffany said...

Hello hottie!!!! And..... can I come with you??? Sounds like so much fun!!!!!

Annette Rose said...

K... my first thought too was Holy Crap you look GREAT! Not that you don't always... but you know what I'm getting at... So proud of you. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work!

Amy said...

What a cute little guy in his carseat! Next month we can finally turn Addison around so his little legs are not smashed up against the back of the seat... of course that will mean my baby is one, and I'm not ready for that!!!