Tuesday, October 13, 2009


For surviving last week in the house of nasty-sicky-grodiness, the universe gifted us with a visit from our dear Cabo Buddies, Kelly and Connor and their amazing kids Nick and Nolan. I once again learned things about myself that I didn't previously know and loved every second.

Lesson #1: I Have A Thutt
Kelly and I were discussing the torturous ritual of lunges and squats. The poor girl could hardly walk as she tried to recover from a particularly hard workout and I commiserated as I've been trying to change the shape of my rear as well. I use to have a rather large tookus but a tookus that stood on it's own. As I've changed shape, my bum and thigh have melded together in a nice little marriage of Thutt (thigh and butt for those of you lagging behind.) Squats and lunges are the answer but I. hate. them. So does Kelly.

Lesson #2: I Am The Worst Settlers Of Catan Player On The Planet
This isn't really shocking as I have hated that game from the first time I was aksed to build a road. The game is stupid. I have no interest in trading sheep for wood or building settlements and risking it all on a development card. This was painfully evident when we played a rousing game and three of the players were all tied at nine points and one player only had four points. Guess who I was. I managed to make it through the entire game without throwing something however so I'm making progress.

Lesson #3: I Cannot Cook Bacon
Bacon is one of Connor's very favorite things, and since I thrive on feeding my peeps, bacon was on the menu for Sunday morning. I was excited for the chance to redeem myself after last years bacon debacle where I basically served up raw flesh. It was nasty. This year I opted for higher heat in my bacon cooking which resulted in charcoaled flesh. Connor had to go to the store for more bacon. I hung my head in shame.

Lesson #4: If You Are Currently Raising Pre-Teen Boys, Call Kelly and Connor
Their sons Nick and Nolan are about the nicest kids I've ever met. They are a few years older than my kids and I always worry that they will be bored stiff at my house, but they are all too happy to play with my kids. Nick is incredibly talented and smart, offering up insights that don't occur to most adults and Nolan is a ball of happiness. He jumped on the tramp with my 4-year-old daughter and genuinely had a good time. They are kind, have impeccable manners and are a complete joy to be around. While I know they came to earth with stellar personalities, Kelly and Connor are doing an amazing job. Their family is divine.

Lesson #5 I Cry At Inapprpriate Times
As we discussed life plans with our dear friends, Kelly mentioned casually that they've considered moving to Scottsdale, AZ or Santa Barbara, CA to be near family. I broke out in tears. She didn't say that they were moving tomorrow, or that I would never see her again, or that she hated my guts. She said it was something they've considered, casually, that may or may not happen years from now. I cried like a baby. Although I've adored Kel for 31 years, I didn't realize how dependent on her I was. She is my connection to a happy childhood and a time when life was very simple. I've always known that she would be there for me in every area of my life and the thought of her being farther away then she already is shook me to the core. It was an unexpected reaction but one that makes a lot of sense. I love her.

Saturday Afternoon Walk

Kelly and Austin

Thanks for coming guys. We love having you and can't wait until next time.


Yo Mama said...

The secret to cooking bacon is medium heat, not high, and slow, not fast, turning often. Very high heat will result in burned parts and raw parts. I know Brad says I over cook bacon but you can pull it off the grill any time. A consistent bacon strip is the key!

Sarah said...

The Thutt is cracking me up. Glad there is finally a name for it!

tharker said...

As a fellow owner of a butt/thigh combo, I will proudly take on the title of "Thutt owner" with you!

I too love bacon, and I actually enjoy it burned, so next time just bring your charred flesh on over this way ;)

I love your reaction to even the thought of Kelly and Conner moving. Every time you describe your relationship, I think of Kelly as your big sister. The best kind of sister that is also a best friend. We could all use a Kelly in our lives couldn't we?!

One day, I'll finally get to meet this wonderful Kelly!!

Heather said...

A thutt?? I may have to ponder on that... I'm sure I probably have one, but I think I'll stay in denial a little longer.

Annette Rose said...

Lesson #6- You freakin Crack me up!!! Every time I read your blog! I love it. I was a little behind in the life of Karen, but I am feeling much better now.

Hey! Jacob and I wanna hang sometime. What do I have to do to get some Karen time? I also have a THUTT after losing some weight, and a saggy one at that. Whats that called?

R u coming to our Apricot Lane Party on Thursday? Come find some HOT jeans for that THUTT of yours!

Kelly said...

Oh Karen, I love you...thutt and all! :) (Now we just need to come up for a term describing chins that are directly connected to necks...because that pic of me is NASTY!--what kind of excercise can I do for that?)

In all honesty, if we were to ever move... We'd most likely move closer to YOU. I cannot imagine my life without my Karen within driving distance. I was surprised by your tears, but I gotta tell you I was so moved by your emotions...you are a keeper. I love you.

Thanks for a fabulous weekend! I gotta confess that Nick asked me on the way home why you fed the first batch of bacon to the dogs. He would've been happy to gnaw on charred flesh!

lindsay>boo said...

I guess I have a thutt too. Hmm....

Settlers of Catan is awesome. I don't know why you don't like it. I'm horrible at it, yet I still enjoy it.

Oh, and I'm totally a crier, both at appropriate and inappropriate times.

dandee said...

Oh, the things babies do to our bodies. You're not alone, dear Karen, in the thutt problem. You are not alone.

Lisa said...

Okay....I just don't get Settlers of Catan. I tried to like it, I really did...but I find it completely boring.