Friday, October 09, 2009

A Series Of Letters

Dear Amoxicillan,

Thanks for kicking some nasty throaty mess in the Witt. He is finally sleeping comfortably and returning to his old self. I heart you.

Formerly Freaked Out Parent


Dear Mr. Buble,

Thanks for having a face that matches the beauty of your voice. You are dashing and if the Rizz wasn't so perfect for me, I might become your stalker. I'm dancing around my house mopping my floors and loving every minute because you are singing to me. Just me. I seriously heart you.

Your #1 Non-Stalkerish Fan,


Dear Kelly & Connor,

Thanks for braving the House of Infection and coming to visit. It's been way too long since Cabo. I'm fully prepared to kick your trash at Settlers. BRING IT.

Infamous Sheep Harbor Builder,


Dear Spencer,

Thanks for being you and teaching me again and again what it means to be a good person, through and through. Your insight and perspective once again knocks my socks off. I heart you the most.



Dear Jen,

Thanks for being the best sister-in-law in P-Town. Your help is invaluable to me and I can't thank you enough. I'm happily waiting to return the favor(s.) You rock.

Your Crafting Pal,


Dear Brad,

Thanks for sharing rocking duty with me the past few nights and helping with Austin and more importantly for having a happy heart while doing it. Being your partner makes everything better. I heart you forever.



Dear Weekend,

Thanks for coming. I'm so excited you're here. Let's have a ball and celebrate my family. Aren't they the best?

Completely Stoked,
Special K


superbrad9 said...

Great post sweetie!

Marilyn said...

So glad that kids are getting better at your house. Our little school of 400 children has been hit super hard with all kinds of sickness and each day this week there was anywhere from 110-130 kids absent on each day. Isn't that crazy? I kept expecting them to cancel school to just let everyone get better.

Enjoy the Michael...all day long!

tharker said...

So glad that Austin is on the mend.

Loving Mr. Buble. Danced while scrubbing my nasty bathrooms this morning. Picture pregnant and slippery floors...not pretty...but all is okay.

Have a great weekend!!

Sarah said...

Dear Karen-

You are always entertaining and crack me up. Hope your weekend is great!

Kelly said...

Oh, we will SO be bringing it Sheep Harbor farmer-lady. We can't wait to spend some time with our favorite family... CAN'T WAIT! See you in the morning.

vwbabe said...

Love it, I am here for you any time.

LindaR said...

Just signing in and letting you know I'm a huge fan!