Sunday, November 08, 2009


Dear Hannah,

My sweet girl, where to begin?

Let's begin with my love for you being fierce and unmovable, strong and sweet and completely engrossing. In you, my first daughter, I see everything that makes me proud to be a woman. Proud of your strength, your determination, your stubborn streak that cannot be broken which makes me nutty but that I secretly love. Proud of the way you tend to your siblings, mimicking my efforts and repeating my words, always watching and learning, taking in the world around you with slight hesitation but complete wonder and awe. You are a force to be reckoned with and I love that you fight for what you want and believe. Fight to be heard in a world of noise, fight for what you want, love, feel, have. You are passionate and strong, silly and sweet. You are my daughter, and you make me ache with pride in who you are choosing to become.

Happy 7th birthday, Munners.



Mimi said...

I think if your golden birthday is your seventh than you are destined for a life of luck! Hannah is already very lucky to have a wonderful family. She is lucky to be blessed with stength and determination:)

I love that you see these qualities for what they are and encourage her with them.

tharker said...

As I read this, I kept thinking that Hannah truly is just like her mama, because it was like you were describing yourself. She is following in some great footsteps!

Happy, Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you and have loved watching you grow. Keep being the sweet and spunky girl that we know and love!!

Cajsa said...

Dag nabbit I missed the darn 500 posts thing-a-ma-bob telling you how much I love you! I mean I KNOW I would have won because hey, it's ME after all!! HEE HEE!!! Okay so really, I've been waiting for you to blog so I could see that wonderful cake you made for Hannah's birthday. I was soooo excited to view it but alas I was totally let down! You rocked yesterday at super Saturday- LOVED the cake decorating thing AND I loved your salad dressings. GOTTA HAVE the recipes!!! You are the BOMB!

vwbabe said...

That was a fantastic weekend! You pulled it off. Great job. I am glad that we can be here to help celebrate Hannah. She is such a fun girl.

Kelly said...

Hope Hannah's birthday was filled with broccoli, bike riding, dancing, and lots and lots of snuggling. She's a peach and I can't believe she's seven!

Sarah said...

I always love your letters you write to your children, they are so sweet. Hope Hannah had a fantastic birthday week and that being 7 is awesome!