Monday, November 09, 2009

Seven's The New Thirty-Four

Remember how I said I would pick a winner to my giveaway on Saturday? And then how I would post that winner on Monday?

Yeah, just sort of getting around to it all now.

And I have been stressed, STRESSED, because I didn't want to fail at my first giveaway and make you all delete my bookmark forever because I can't be trusted. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Most of the time.

Except that last week was quite possibly the most crazy busy week of my little life. I had birthday week to make magical, and our favorite East Coast Auntie was arriving on Thursday, followed by the rest of Brad's family on Friday, which was also the same day as our school fundraiser (where many a parent pointed a finger at me and said "you'll fail!" But we didn't. We rocked it. To the tune of $18,000. Neiner, neiner naysayers) And then Saturday, which was my sweet girl's birthday was also the day I was set to teach a cake decorating class to 32 women at Super Saturday which meant making enough fondant to cover the Sears Tower, followed by putting on the luncheon at said Super Saturday and then coming home from all that merry madness to relax on the couch. No, that's not right. I mean come home to throw a cheer-leading party for 10 youngins. And then feed dinner to the 16 family members scattered about my house.

Still with me?

So I was pooped and would have surely fainted dead away sometime yesterday if it weren't for my amazing family. They cooked and cleaned and party-favor-shopped and assisted in my class and did my floors and took pictures and made decorations and did hair and held me up on their mighty shoulders so I could get through it all. And I did. With hardly a tantrum in sight.

And through it all I learned some lessons that I've apparently been too dense in the past to appreciate. Lessons like not over-scheduling yourself to the point of exhaustion. And that saying no doesn't mean that you can't handle it or don't care but that your plate is already full. And that accepting help doesn't mean that you're weak but that you can appreciate someone's rescue. And that at the end of it all, your family will get you through whatever life throws your way, with love, with acceptance, with a little bit of drama and a whole lot of laughter. (I already knew that one.)

This is the lesson I want to give to Hannah as she begins her seventh year. To always make time for herself, to put herself on the list and love the life she's worked so hard to create. I think a lot of my journey would have been easier had I learned this way back when.

And to the winner of my little giveaway, Lovely Lindsay, thanks for playing. All of your combined words did wonders for me and I thank you. Happy mail is on the way!


tharker said...

I'm still amazed at all you accomplished last weekend. Thank goodness you had such amazing family members to help you out!

Lovely Lindsay needs to add "Lucky" to her cute name! I can't wait to see what you come up with for her.

vwbabe said...

You chose well. I just went to her blog and she rocks. Lovely Lindsay, I want to be YOU. I hope that I can have that class and style one day too. I am so glad we got you through last week, now all we need to do is get me through this week and I think we will all be happy! You are the best.

Heather said...

You didn't die! YAY!! I surely thought you might with your plate piled like it was your last Thanksgiving on this earth. You rock!

lovely lindsay said...

so - good thing you left me a comment today because i was saving my daily blog stroll for this evening... but i needed this lucky information right now.
i am learning this same lesson. this don't over schedule/take time for yourself lesson. only today. i am bored. bored. bored. which means that maybe i've learned my lesson a little too well... or that i need to just relax and be lazy and enjoy it. yeah?
thank you, miss PRP.
love, lindsay

lovely lindsay said...

brandi carlile singing delilah? are you kidding me?

Brooklet said...

You did what last week? Insanity! Kinda makes me feel a bit of a slacker. I felt good about getting my laundry done.

Kelly said...

You have lost your marbles. I seriously do not know how you do all of the things you do. It was exhausting just reading about all of the things you accomplished last week. You are a rock star!!

Amy said...

I guess I picked the wrong week to take a blogging hiatus. Oh well! I love you because you are awesome, and also such an inspiration to me! Did I mention that you're awesome??

LindaR said...

We sure had a fun time despite your full plate. You forgot to mention that being an awesome hostess also fit into the weekend.