Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was just over two years ago when Austin came to be. I had never planned on having another baby, had fought the idea really, but then one day I knew. Knew that a little boy needed to come here and that I would bring him to our family. I never wavered that he was coming, or that he was going to be a boy.

I just knew.

When I first began telling people that I was expecting, they would ask how far along I was and what I hoped it would be. And I always answered that I was 7 weeks or 12 weeks or 19 weeks and that I was having a boy. I'm sure many people thought I was being foolish, to be so sure of something that I had absolutely no control over.

But I just knew.

After our ultrasound confirmed what I already knew to be true, people would congratulate me on the good planning of two boys and two girls, as if I'd had a hand in that. And then they would inevitably say something to the effect of "Spence must be so excited! Too bad they'll be so far apart in age."

But I knew, with absolute assurety, that these two souls would be the most kindred of spirits and that the eight years between them would be nothing more than a reminder of what's behind one and what lies in the future for the other. They play together, they laugh together and Spence has become a fantastic little caretaker for the shadow on his heels. They are brothers, and the bond between them fills me up.

Just like I knew it would.


tharker said...

Such sweet pictures. Spence is such a great big brother, and I've loved watching him take Austin under his wing. Maybe they'll be another Brad/Matt combination!

People tend to say the same things to me about the age difference between Hannah and this new baby girl, but something tells me that they are going to be the best of friends. Just as sisters should. Sure, when this baby is 4 and Hannah's 14, there will be those moments when she's just the annoying little sister, but what I look forward to most is those moments when Hannah is 30, and her sister is 20. I look forward to the advice that Hannah will be able to share with her sister. The love they share will far outweigh the difference in years.

Dallin & Ashley said...

Oh my goodness. I want boys. I want lots and lots of boys. Knowing who I am married to and the boy trend in his family, I think I am safe. :) Those are just the sweetest pictures ever. I love it.

Cajsa said...

Isn't it funny the things some people say. I KNEW what my two middle ones were going to be without a doubt! And isn't it fantastic what the Lord plans for us with our children.

AOlson said...

Those boys are simply gorgeous! I sometimes wonder about the age gap in Jacob and another child IF there does happen to be another child someday and HOPING that the new addition would be a boy. I am not as sure as you were. Maybe in the near future, but not yet.

Kelly said...

Sweetest. Pictures. Ever. It's evident they're buddies and forever will be!! So cute!