Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Injustice for Hannah

This morning, Hannah threw open the kitchen cupboard to see what was on the menu for school lunch today.

"Hooray! It's pizza day, it's pizza day!" she squealed.

Really? I mean, it's not like Round Table is delivering or anything. No offense to the hard working school cooks but school pizza doesn't really qualify as pizza in my book.

Unfortunately, I squashed her plans when I told her that I had already made her lunch for the day.

"But can't you just save it for tomorrow?" she begged.

"No honey, it's all ready to go. You can have school lunch next time pizza comes up, ok?"

"But I really, really, really, really, love school pizza. Please Mama, please!" (If you know Hannah at all, you know that I'm not even exaggerating.)

"Hannah! Your lunch is ready and that's it for today. Besides, you don't have anymore money on your account at school and I don't want to send in a check today."

"But Mama, if you're too poor to buy my lunch then I can take some money out of my wallet and buy it myself."


At least she's persistent, right?

I explained to her that while I could afford her lunch, I just didn't want to. So she then lectured me on how it's important to do things for others that make them feel good.

Seriously? All this over school-freakin-pizza???

I laid down the law, told her to pack her lunchbox and off we went but I've been thinking about it all day. The poor girl wanted to sacrifice her new-DS-game-buying-money for a slice of crappy pizza.

I think I made up for it when, instead of offering up the usual yogurt or apple for after school snack, I made hot fudge sundaes.

Sometimes, when you don't get what you want, you just need to eat ice cream. In the living room, no less.


Marilyn said...

Oh, I do this all the time. Lay down the law, then feel guilty about it because it wasn't really THAT big of a deal, then try to make up for it by indulging the offended in some way...usually a trip to jackpot to pick out a really unhealthy snack...and then I always end up wishing I would have let them do the original thing I was sooooo against. Us moms? we are kind of crazy sometimes, huh?

Amy said...

I'm impressed she listens. I have one child who will say, ok mom, and then he will get school lunch anyway. I've had to threaten to call the school and tell them he can't have hot lunch anymore. That has solved it for now, he loves school lunch so much that it motivates him to be honest for the fear of losing his precious chicken nugget day. Blech! I don't get it.

Amy said...
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tharker said...

If you ask me, Hannah ended up with a much better treat than school pizza! (my kids love that crap too...I don't get it.)

Mimi said...

I think you showed great strength to stick to your guns. Half of the time I would have caved. It is funny, growing up I dreamed of my mom making me a cold lunch and instead always having hot lunch. I would have settled for sundaes:)

vwbabe said...

I think that I would take the hot fudge sundae over pizza any day. I think I need one right now in fact....

Lisa said...

Hey! I think her self portrait turned out great! Maybe she has a future in photography like her uncle.

And I would definitely say that the ice cream makes up for the pizza!

AOlson said...

My kids too LOVE the school pizza and I have no idea why. But I think, I could be wrong, I overheard my kids talking about how Jacob had pizza at his school and Kayla had hamburgers at her school. It could be the other way around, not sure why they were not the same but if this is correct, then Hannah did not miss out!!

Heather said...

Ha ha! I love that you scrapped the apple for ice cream- we can still be friends after all!

Amy said...

The good-ish news is that they didn't even have pizza. Liah and Emily both said they had hamburgers, and that they said they were going to have pizza on Friday instead. Only they didn't. They had chicken nuggets, which Liah cried about when she got home. LOL... oh, school pizza, the torment you cause in children.