Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mee-chell, My Belle

Today is Michele's birthday.

My oh my is she getting old.

But she makes it look fabulous.

My favorite things about Michele is that she loves to talk, really, really, talk, about anything and everything and she isn't satisfied until it's thoroughly talked out.

She is passionate about being a wife and a mom and she does both beautifully.

She is tougher than nails and has survived her share of trials with grace and dignity.

She makes this certain face, this certain smirk with her cheeks pulled in and this devilish look in her eye whenever she's getting ready. I love it.

She has great fashion sense and always looks pulled together. Except when her hair roams free and she ends up resembling Nala.

She is incredibly close to her siblings and ends every phone call with a "love you."

She was born of Godly parents and honors the traditions of her family.

She is one of my girls, one of my very favorite people, and I am honored to count her among the dearest of people in my life.

I love you Michele. Hope the birthday's fabulous!


tharker said...

Happy Birthday Michele! I've only met you a handful of times, but one of the things that I admired right away about you is how warm, open and completely friendly you are. Karen is very lucky to call you such a dear friend. I hope you have a great day!

stylist to the stars said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!

I hope your day was great (as it can just laying around:).

Congrats on the new babe.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Michele! Hope your day was spent doing all things you enjoy... Have a great year!

Lover of Lions said...

Aw. You're sweet. The Nala part had me peeing my pants laughing all over again (:

Michele said...

Thanks guys! I feel so celebrated! Nala is cute-that was being nice Karen.