Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Night Conversations

With myself.

Because there isn't anyone else to talk to.


All week long, Hannah has been begging me in her slow---moaning----begging---way about playing with friends. She never has time to play says she! She is either at school or stuck here with me and never gets to be with her girlies. So, being the completely cool mom that I am, I arranged a surprise sleepover with one of her favorite friends.

She called at 7:30 crying because she wanted to come home.

She misses me.



One of my favorite people (who looks a lot better in real life as do I) birthed her first son this morning. Raif Edward, 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 1/2 inches of perfection. Looks freakishly (in the best possible way) like his big sister. I am itching to get my hands on him, smooch on his big sister and hug my dear Michele. She is a warrior mother and did beautifully.

Seriously? That face? I'm DYING.

The husband and I were determined to spend some time together tonight. We gathered in our favorite spots on the couch, tried desperately to find something to watch on TV, gave 300 a shot for 4 1/2 minutes before I made him turn it off and are now in opposite ends of the house, him on the XBOX and me on the computer.

Maybe tomorrow night.


I pissed off my girlfriends last weekend. Not the usual I was slightly annoying but still endearing way like I'm used to. This one ran deeper, dredged up more feelings, and took a bigger bite out of all of us than anyone expected. My intentions were blurred, my motives questioned and I'm still feeling a bit raw from it all. Luckily, my history with these women is fierce and immovable and love is still the prevailing emotion.

I learned some things. That's the good news.

I learned them the hard way. That's the bad news.


Austin still hates nursery.


Spence has his second and third basketball games tomorrow. He is playing in a more competitive league this year and is learning a ton but I don't like the pressure. He's only 9 1/2! I wish I had followed my gut and kept in the same league as years past.

Note to self: always follow your gut.


My hair is longer than it has been in years. I'm loving the versatility but sometimes wonder if I look like a fool who is trying to be younger than she is. But then again, I don't really care if I look like a fool because I'm loving the versatility.

Scratch this paragraph.


My grandmother's health is failing a bit. Physically, she's stronger than an ox and it would probably take a blowtorch to knock her off her feet. Mentally, she's starting to show her 87 years. She lives far away in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I wonder when I'll see her again. My wish for her this night is to feel peace and not fight the inevitable.

But she's Canadian. She's gonna fight like hell.

And I sorta love that about her.


I'd really love to paint my nails. It's one of my favorite things to do and my awesome sis-in-law, who is celebrating her birthday today (woot woot! Leeners!) gave me this magic potion that has turned my nails into, well, nails. It's awesome.

But I also want to go to bed and cannot physically be in bed without mashing my hands up under my pillow, thus nixing the nail job.

Maybe when I'm thirty-five I'll be able to stay up later than 9:30.

I doubt it.


I talked with my girlfriend Kelly today. We are both non-phone-talkers but we live a million miles apart and so it's a necessity. I felt like I dropped into her life for 27 minutes this afternoon and it was lovely. I miss her.


I had no idea what to do with my time this evening. I've successfully wasted an hour and a half on the computer.

Mission accomplished.


Megan said...

oh seriously! why do we always hav to learn lessons the hard way? i am a PRO at that one.

your night sounds like the norm around here on the weekend...and due to the new year's goals, i can't even eat myself into a chocolate coma....

better luck for you tomorrow night.

Kelly said...

Reading that post was like taking a stroll through Karen's brain. Visiting wandering thoughts...I liked it!

Congrats to Michele! Baby Raif is adorable...although, he looks like he's not happy about the bright lights and cold air of the real world. :)

After I hung up the phone I kept thinking how a call from you brightens my days... I need to call you more.

Good luck with tonight's couch time!

Love ya!

lovely lindsay said...

love this. you really remind me of myself sometimes. alot of times.
love, lindsay

tharker said...

I love the randomness of this post.

Congrats to Michele and Stan! And yes, that picture is to die for! He is adorable!!

Isn't having nails so much fun?

I am willing to bet that you won't be able to stay up past 9 when you're 35 ;)

Sarah said...

I love what you said about your grandma. She sounds tough as nails. I like your hair longer too - you are looking great!

dandee said...

random posts are my favorite.

Mimi said...

I love this post. I can't think of just the right word to describe it, maybe raw but not in a slimy chicken cutlet kind of way, but more of a peek inside your brain kind of way.

I like the longer hair :)

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Aging is beautiful when we focus on the strengths and stories but it is so difficult to watch some one fade mentally. My thoughts are with her.

Amy said...

Liah has been complaining about the same thing. no time to play, always at school. One of her latest solutions was becoming a homeless person. lol ...mostly she was mad at me. happens a lot.

sorry to hear you got in a fight with your friends. it's so good to know your friendship is strong enough to get through it. I wish mine was.

sorry to hear about your Grandma. My 83 year old gramma is getting close too. heartbreaking.