Monday, January 04, 2010

(Literally) Bursting At The Seams

A few weeks back, my sweet little Squish had her preschool Christmas program. She was so excited for her big night. She insisted on hair "just like Gia's," begged to wear Hannah's old Christmas sweater, and nearly passed out when I handed her new tights for the event.

"New tights!" she exclaimed "because I am so grown up!"

Indeed you are.

Before the evening started, I watched Sienna run around with her friends and I noticed her being a bit off. As the kids walked up on stage and turned around, Sienna did so while grabbing her mouth, the sure sign of what's to come. Immediately.

And this is how my Sienna spent the next few minutes:

(Notice the huge gaping hole in her brand new tights? Yeah, she's not that big after all.)

Poor, poor girl.

No, she wasn't sick. No, I hadn't fed her something rotten for dinner. No, she doesn't suffer from baby bulimia. My poor little Squish had a bad case of the nerves that unfortunately got the best of her.

If you've hung around this blog long enough, you know that my children are champion spewers. They can purge with the best of them but no one, not even Ms. Projectile-Vomiter-Herself (Hannah) can compete with the likes of Sienna.

This girl has serious skill when it comes to getting sick and can pretty much bring it on at anytime. She'd make an excellent soap star who, instead of needing to cry on demand needed to be sick at the drop of a hat. It is so routine that no one in our family even bats an eye when Sienna runs from the kitchen table to the nearest bathroom, does her business and then rejoins us. My mother has remarked on more than one occasion how heartless we are for letting her do it all herself.

"You could at least hold her hair back or something!"

I'm sure I could. And I used to. But she doesn't need me anymore. She's that good.

And before anyone rings up the local chapter of CPS, I assure you that I have looked into this long and hard (TWSS). She's had an esophageal study. She's swallowed the goo and had contrasts taken at 30 minute intervals. I even had her tested for a tapeworm. And the results?

She's perfectly healthy.

She just likes to spew.

The great thing about Sienna, whether it be this or anything else in her life, is that she rebounds quickly. Like ultra fast. And so this little, ahem, issue she has never slows her down or holds her back. Just minutes after the above picture, she was standing front and center, reciting her part and being altogether delicious.


I do hope this phase of her life passes quickly as you just never know when the cannons are going to go off, so to speak. In the meantime, I will continue to carry some mouthwash with me wherever I go.


Kelly said...

Poor little Squish, that is awful. But that picture sequence is priceless!

Amy said...

Sometimes I wish I could do that. Just throw up whenever I'm nervous, or stressed out. It sure beats the stomach ache I walk around with for hours at a time. For me, the nervous stomach is the only thing that makes OCD a disorder at all, otherwise I find being obsessive compulsive really helpful!

dandee said...

poor, sweet girl.

tharker said...

I love that you took a picture of her! I will always remember a certain dinner at Cousin's when Sienna shared her talents with our family...then promptly crawled under the table and came over to see what looked good on your plate ;)

Really though, I'm glad it didn't last and she was able to perform her part. She's absolutely adorable!

Mimi said...

Sweet Sienna! You know all too well I have a puker of my own and I agree that it is better not to make a fuss over them. I too love that you took a picture of the during and after! She looks like she is all better and ready to perform!!!

Brooklet said...

Poor little girl- I think that thowing up is one of the worst feelings in the world- but she seemed to recover fast- and she is so cute, she makes throwing up look good!

LindaR said...

Poor little Squish. She is such a cutie!

Brenda said...

I've always had a tender stomach and could loose it whenever and wherever. my poor parents. Recently while on vacation to phoenix to visit my parents for Thanksgiing and my birthday. my mom and I were out shopping and I don't think I'll be allowed back ingto that store.projectile like I've never sceen before. my poor mom took the hit, then we found the bathroom so my mom could clean up and I could get composed. two days later we discovered that I had a tumor on my brain and it was causing all this behaivor. I've been home now for several weeks and haven't had an incident. whew. not that I think you beautiful daughter had a brain tumor. More likely like you said. just a nervous stomach. I also could get car sick at the drop of a hat.Driving from Idaho FAlls to Tremonton, UTah and going over the
Downey pass......ugh. or driving over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.those hairpin turns....I was talking to my cousin the other day and mentioning my tossings and how quickly they came on like when we went down to Tremonton...if it didn't hit while we were driving it would within 10 minutes of parking the car. That would insure us the front seat for the drive home.

Amy said...

lol... sadly, this kind of cracks me up a little bit. mostly that you took a picture of her over the toilet!

poor little girl!