Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making Me Feel That Much Older

Today is Jen's 30th Birthday!

Jen is:
hilarious, especially when she's tired
a tireless mother
a supportive wife
the most positive person I know
one heck of an aunt
a fantastic dancer
a great cook
crafter galore
spiritual giant
always happy
a wonderful friend
and has been so amazing to me and my family since they moved here.

She has taught me:
that a positive outlook will carry you anywhere
that every problem can be solved by blaring "Forever" and dancing around the kitchen
that family is meant to help one another
that it's never necessary to keep score
that distant sister-in-laws can be thick as thieves given the time.

I adore you Jen.
Thanks for being a rock star in my life.



Heather said...

Happy Birthday, indeed!!

tharker said...

Happy Birthday Jen! I love ya and am so glad that you are living so close!

Something I love about Jen is that she is a hugger. I'm not always super comfortable giving hugs to others, but with Jen, not only is it easy, but I love it! She just makes me smile when I'm around her.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jen... Hope to meet you someday soon!

vwbabe said...

Karen, thanks for the sweet post. You are the best. Thanks so much for today, you really made me feel special and happy. Thanks for watching my kids and going out of your way to make it magical. I love you!

AOlson said...

Thank you Karen for bringing this beautiful soul to Pasco. She is a true fit and was meeded very much. Dude, she ROCKS!! And Tiff is right, she is the BEST hugger!!

lovely lindsay said...

she really is amazing.
you're lucky to call her family.
love, lindsay

thank YOU for the surprise on my doorstep. you are quite amazing yourself.

LindaR said...

Yes, she is all those things and more. Thank you for all you do for her and all the good times you two are having together without me.