Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Twelve Year Project, Part II

In June of 2008, I delivered my second son, a cherubic little one we named Austin who completed our family to perfection. He would be my last child. His would prove to be my most difficult pregnancy. He would leave me the fattest.

Since it was June and the weather was gorgeous, I was inspired by fresh fruits and veggies and through that summer, I managed to whittle away about 20 pounds. I felt good about my progress but was slightly daunted by how far I had to go. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it but I was committed, fiercely committed for the first time in my life to nip this thing in the bud.

Labor Day came and brought us a visit from my sister-in-law Eileen who had made a major change in her life and had dropped 35 pounds by doing Weight Watchers online. I signed up the minute I saw her. I stuck with it all fall and managed to drop another 22 pounds. I was finally seeing the light at the end of all this for the first time.

Then something terrible happened. An awful, horrible event that derailed me momentarily.

The Holidays.

Why is it that the time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time for family and memory-making and good tidings can be so darn difficult to navigate? I had worked so hard, been so diligent and suddenly, every good practice I had put into place went flying out the window. January couldn't get here fast enough.

I was a complete wreck when it came time to step on the scale. I was so frustrated with myself and so angry for losing control once again. And I felt horrible. I felt bloated and greasy and all around yucky. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why? Why? Why?

The number on the scale literally took my breath away. While I was sure that I had gained a good 10-15 pounds, in fact, I had only gained 2.7.

2 point freaking 7!

So I had learned something? I didn't completely blow it? I wasn't a total failure?

Hooray for me!

I got my wits about me and once again started following Weight Watchers online. I found it to be a wonderful program and it had definitely taught me some much needed lessons. I would highly recommend it to this day.


After my "time off" during the holidays, I found it nearly impossible to get back in check. I wasn't tracking my points. I wasn't making notes online as to what I was doing/eating/feeling. I COULD NOT get back to it.

Grrr stupid holidays.

I made it through spring without gaining anything but without losing anything either. I felt and looked better than I had in years but I knew I wasn't done with this journey. What would be the thing to get me going once again? What did I need to do to get over the hump and finish what I had started?

The answer for me came in the form of HCG. I had seen many, many friends have great success with this program but I had been leery for quite awhile. It seemed drastic, it seemed scary, it seemed hard but I was willing to try anything. A dear friend agreed to do it with me and off we went.

It. was. fantastic.

Yes, it is drastic. Yes, it's a bit scary at first. Yes, it is hard. But holy smokes is it effective. And here's where HCG taught me how to live a better life: I FINALLY learned about portion control. I FINALLY understood how much food my body needed to function at it's best. I FINALLY had the energy to do all that I wanted to do. And most importantly, I FINALLY had the confidence that I could do anything.

I can do anything!

When I finished the round of HCG, I had lost another 25 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 67 pounds.

67 freaking pounds!

I had lost a third grader.

I was over the moon. I was so proud of what I had accomplished and the determination I had to finish what I had started. I was thrilled at the example I had set for my children, that good health is of the utmost importance, that we can do hard things, that we will see results when we put our minds to something.

I was proud. I was confident. I felt like me for the first time in years.


Stay tuned for Part III, appropriately known as The Tube Sock Phenomenon


tharker said...

I am loving being able to read your thoughts about this journey. I've watched you fight your way to get to where you are, and have been so impressed, and so inspired. You CAN do anything, and you prove it time and again!

So, so proud of you Karen J!

Kelly said...

"losing a third grader"... Love it!
I second everything that Tiffany says... you are an inspiration!!

Heather said...

Loved it. So proud of you! I can't wait for the Tube Sock Phenomenon!

AOlson said...

A third grader huh? Love it. I know what you mean about the whole WW thing and the wonderful/stupid holidays. Took me a whole year to lose 45 on WW and just one holiday season to gain it ALL back. Another round of HCG could do me well I think.

Mimi said...

From the first time I met you (you were perfectly pregnant with Sienna) I thought you were beautiful. You always pull off a polished and trendy look, so together, so polished, no matter what the scale says. I am excited to see how your style transforms as your body transforms. But it is the work that you have done that I am most excited about. Your sheer will is inspiring!!!

Marilyn said...

HCG is a wonderful tool and I am grateful to have found it in my life. I really love reading your words and thoughts about the struggles of weight loss.