Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Calling All Bakers!

The hot topic at our Relay meeting last night was fundraising. Do you hate fundraising as much as me? I HATE asking people for money and I seem to do it all. the. time. For two years I've been a fundraising dervish as PTO pres and have asked more people for money that I thought possible. Now, as team captain for The Betty Boobs (how awesome is our name?) I'm at it again.


And there is a but! It's all for a great cause. Money for our schools or money for cancer? Yeah, it's all good. So I will get out there and fundraise my little hiney off in hopes of making this world a better place.

For example, this Saturday, the 17th, my relay team and I will be holding a BAKE! SALE! at the Pasco Invite, also known as the largest high school track tourney in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. With over 1600 athletes expected and all of their coaches, families and college recruiters, we could make a killing. If we have enough stuff to sell.

Here's where you come in.

If you would be willing to help us prepare, I will be happily taking baked goods off your hands this Friday. Actually, scratch that. I will take ANYTHING EDIBLE off your hands. Costco muffins, granola bars, bottled water, you name it, I'll take it. The more we have, obviously, the better we'll do and this would be a great way for you to contribute without being committed to taking part of the relay. And it would also appease you of any guilt you may feel in the future as I continue to beg for money.

For fundraising! For a most worthy cause!

So, please check your flour and sugar supplies and get to baking. I would be most appreciative! And spread the word...if you know of a great baker, hit them up for a pan of brownies. Or muffins. Or lemon get the idea.

Thanks ladies. I know we can rock this bake sale like no other.


Mimi said...

Count me in!
Ok, not me because I can't bake...
but Tony can!

tharker said...

This is something I CAN do! I'll drop it off Friday.

Jenn said...

We have some gluten free cake mixes you could have at Greenies. Just stop by and tell him I said you could have one of each as a donation from Greenies!

PRP said...

Thanks everyone!