Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Last week, in case you missed it, I turned 35. Thirty-farging-five and can I just say?


Before I was 35, I was all oh no! and that's so old! and I can't believe it! But now? Now that I'm here and life is fine, well, 35 is also fine.

I'm loving it.

It may be because my day started with a scavenger hunt cleverly designed by my sweet husband to find my present. The kids and I ran around the house in our jammies finding clues until we finally ended up in the garage with my pretty, pretty present hanging overhead. (A glorious road bike that I am so jazzed about.) Then it was off to breakfast with my mom and girlfriends who treated me to a delicious meal and a ton of laughs. After that, my mom and I headed out shopping where I miraculously found a new closet full of clothes and thanks to some gift cards by some incredibly generous ladies, I was stoked. We lunched at Red Robin because I am currently obsessed with that place and then made our way back home, where my husband picked me up and took me out yet again. I love that when we find ourselves alone at dinner, we can talk for hours on end. It was the best present of all. And finally, sweet Sonya turned up at 9 with a big hug and a bag full of Viera's.

I may turn 35 every year.

I've been thinking about what I really, really want to do this year and what I hope to achieve and here's what I've come up with: let's eradicate cancer.

We can do it!

My Relay for Life team and I are getting together tonight to go over our game plan and let me tell you: we plan BIG. If you want to join us, please come to my house at 7 tonight and we'll get you set up. You won't have to do anything difficult and you will feel great about helping out so please, please come. And bring a friend! Everyone is welcome and I guarantee you a fabulous time. If you can't be at the event but still want to contribute, shoot me an email and I'll gladly take a donation off your hands. If everyone who reads this blog sent in a dollar, or five dollars, or whatever works for you, well, we'd be doing mighty fine. Most teams have a corporate sponsor to back them but we're just a bunch of moms and I want to show them what we can do. I will be adding a PayPal button to my sidebar any day now which will make submitting your donation a breeze.

Wouldn't it be great? A world without cancer? The Relay For Life theme for this year is "More Birthday's" and I can't think of a better gift.

And don't forget! Tonight (April 13th) 7 pm my house. Can't wait to see you!


Trevor and Sara said...

Happy Late Birthday, Karen!!! Sounds like you had an awesome day! We need to get together for dinner!!

Mimi said...

I am glad you had a wonderful day. I am with Sara, we need to get together for dinner! The weather is turning nice...grilling might be in our future!

Kelly said...

It'll be tough to top a birthday like that. Glad you had such a fantabulous day! You've got my vote (and donation) for a world without cancer!!

PRP said...

Thanks Kelly! I was so excited to see your donation in my inbox!

Lisa said...

You have me all excited about turning 35 now :)

Sarah said...

Glad you had such an awesome birthday Karen!

superbrad9 said...

Great post dear.....the change in tone was interesting....I had a GREAT birthday, now let's get rid of cancer!!! WOO HOO!! Love you!

Brenda said...

I'm all for getting rid of cancer. I'm so tired of taking this Chemo pill.