Monday, May 10, 2010

The Reason My Kids Smell Is Because We're Too Overbooked

Here's the thing: I apparently am the slowest learner on the planet.

Remember at the beginning of the year when I was all I Will Slow Down! and I Will Say No! and I Will Make Time For Myself! Yeah, I sort of stink at that.

How To Know When You're Too Busy:

-When you literally let your kids go days and days without bathing
because you're never at home in the evening to get it done

-When eating a sandwich in the car in between practices
is the rule and not the exception

-When you can't stay awake past 8:17 pm no matter how hard you try

-When you post on your blog in your head instead of in actuality
because you don't have time to sit down and type it out

-When you're desire for an iPhone goes from cool phone envy to I Have To Have It Because Think Of What I Could Get Done During Baseball Games!

I was reading through my my blog in a rare moment of rest and realized this long ago creative space became a lame recap of events. It wasn't even interesting for me to read it so I can only imagine what ya'll have been thinking. And it's because I don't have time. Because I have no back bone. Because I am 100% incapable of learning how to prioritize.

Take this week for instance: tonight we only had baseball practice which was a welcome relief but the Riz is off on some tennis adventure so I was here alone. Tomorrow means scouts and ballet at the same time, followed by a mandatory parent meeting for my new kindergartner. The Riz will be off at tennis again so I have some major kid juggling to do. On Wednesday, I'm subbing for my dear Riz for his first two periods and then have the gymnastics/baseball game shuffle to tend to. On Thursday I'm subbing again followed by a major grocery shop and food prep for the dinner on Friday that I'm helping to throw. For 200 people. Spence has a birthday party that night and then Saturday, Brad leaves at 4:45 am to head off on his final tennis tournament of the year (woot! woot) and I will juggle more baseball and kids.

I'm exhausted just typing it all out.

I'm counting down the days until summer when 90% of my to-do list will vanish and I can reclaim my life. Until then, expect lame posts that are sporadic at best.


dandee said...

sandwiches in the car...we're currently living the same life.

i dream of summer. seriously.

tharker said...

Who in the world are you cooking for on Friday? Goooood gracious!

I'm home all week. Bring the kids over! I'm serious. I will stalk you on your imaginary iPhone until you say yes ;)

lindsay>boo said...

That is crazy, crazy!

Maybe May always is insane with activity and obligations to make us all really appreciate summer...

Sarah said...

I agree, this time of year gets to be a little insane! Glad Brad will be done with Tennis soon, I'm hoping the same thing with Riley and soccer. Hope you are able to enjoy what little down time you can get.

Heather said...

I like your posts!!! So what does that say about my life? Are you sure you can't squeeze in a Costco trip this week?? ha ha.

Mimi said...

I wish I could say something positive, but all I can think of is that schedule sucks. Sorry Karen! I hope it all slows down.

Jenn said...

I can go shopping for you on thursday. And cook for you too, I dont have that much going on so don't over do!

Cajsa said...

I remember the coaching days and how lonely/busy it could get without John...I feel your pain. You could do like I do and have ramen or breakfast for dinner at least 3 times a week!

AOlson said...

I can SO help with the baseball games and practices!! Let me know if we can pick up Spencer for you:)

Amy said...

I have a little squeezy feeling right in the middle of my chest reading this. I feel like this is life all the time now, and it only gets more hectic as they get older. I too, CANNOT wait for summer. Sleeping in, eating breakfast at 10, doing whatever we want and not going to bed til the sun goes down. 5 more weeks! Yippee!

Kelly said...

Wow, you've really put my so-called hectic life in perspective. I've got it easy! Summer will be here before you know it...In the mean time, take a hot bubble bath after you put all the kids to bed to save your sanity.

Kris said...

Your life sounds like mine. I know how hard it is to stay awake past 8:17 too. Especially since I know you are getting up early. It's fun seeing you in the mornings Karen. You are doing a great job. I keep telling myself that everyday is FUN! Good Luck these last few weeks.