Monday, May 03, 2010

Starting The Week In Style

We are having an afternoon snack of strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar. Is there anything better?

My kids don't think so either.

As I was downloading this picture, I came across all of the pictures Spence took last week on our field trip. Did you know that most 4th graders have either A) their own camera or B) their own cell phone or C) all of the above? I didn't either and it knocked my socks off. Kids were sliding open their phones, most of which are nicer than mine, and snapping away. Then they'd text their pictures to Mom or Dad or Whoever The Idiot Is That Bought Them That Dang Phone. Seriously, they are in fourth grade! I know there are exceptions and I'm sure some of them, okay maybe one of them, had a legit reason for holding a contract with AT&T at age 10 but for most of them, it's just plain ridiculous.

So I handed off my camera and Spence went a little snap happy as we made our way through a pretty historical part of our state. He loved every second and I loved every second watching him. He is a dynamic boy, that kid of mine. I think this is my favorite picture from the day because you can see him in the reflection.

Okay, the picture is kind of crappy, but it makes me smile. I'm also a big fan of this:


and of course, this,

Watch out Uncle Matty! You just may have some competition on your hands.

In other news, Hannah just came in and asked how long she's been reading. She's supposed to read 20 minutes a day in both English and Spanish which adds up to a lot of time for a 1st grader. She gets frustrated that she knows two languages and has to practice them both.

My poor little bilingual 7-year-old.

She is also one dynamite kid.

In still other news, Brad is off on a secret mission with The Squishers. It seems that the good doctor forgot two of her shots for her kindergarten series and since she threw the mother of all fits at her last appointment, I made him do it. Seriously, I have never seen or heard a child react to shots that way. I'm still scarred by it. As are the good doctor and nurses. She is so skinny, my little squish, but it took four of us to hold her down.

Four grown adults vs one 35 lbs not-quite-5-year-old.

And she definitely won.

And in my final news of the day, Austin has apparently learned how to crawl out of his crib. Spence found him hanging from the rails holding on for dear life.

I am officially screwed.

Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

I've never tried the strawberry, sour cream, brown sugar combo but just might since I have all of those things on hand tonight. The fieldtrip to the Whitman mission made me laugh. My parents used to take us there all the time, it was one of those places where they'd load us all up to go on an afternoon drive. Now we'll probably do the same with our kids. :) Glad you got to go and help out on their little excursion. And I'm totally with you on the cell phone thing. Fourth graders should not be texting and calling who knows who on their OWN cell phones for crying out loud!

tharker said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it is totally RIDICULOUS for a CHILD to have a cell phone! Hannah does have her own in a 50 dollar digital that we bought her for Christmas, but I am absolutely against her or any of my children having a cell phone.

Even when they're teenagers, we are thinking of buying ONE phone for all of them to share, and only to be used when driving or on a basically for emergencies. I know, I'm the meanest mom, ever! But I think it's ridiculous to pay for them to text constantly, and talk to their friends about basically...nothing. Again, I'm mean ;)

Love Spencer's pictures! Hannah had a great time on the field trip, although she forgot her camera that day and she was quite bummed about it.

Poor Sienna!

Oh, and one more thing...we LOVE strawberries, brown sugar and sour yum!

Heather said...

Sounds good, I may have to try the berries.

Cell phones, ugh.

Kris said...

I should do this as a treat after school today. My kids will love it. Thanks for the idea. I even have strawberries in the fridge!