Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day Late And Many Dollars Short

Yesterday was my dear friend Erica's birthday.

But it was also the last day of school and I was distracted with a capital D.

But Erica deserves a ticker tape parade and a private concert by the Beatles for her birthday so I couldn't let the day pass without my two cents.

So here goes.

Erica was my first friend when I transferred high schools as a Junior, something I do not recommend. We could not have been more different upon meeting but we took each other in and formed a friendship like no other.

Erica was my first roommate when I went away to college. We lived like an old married couple and loved every minute.

Erica is one of my tall and beautiful girlfriends. (I'm blessed with several.) I used to be intimidated by her beauty but she has always made me feel just as tall and just as beautiful.

Erica and I have a soul connection that will be in place for our entire lives. She is wickedly smart, hilariously funny, charmingly quirky, unfailingly loyal, and 100% true to herself. She mothers like no one's business and provides experiences for her kids that don't even occur to most people. She has a love of world travel, thought-provoking books, perfectly cooked asparagus and would spend all day hiking if she could. Her outward beauty pales in comparison to the woman she is and I wish her the best this life has to offer on what is now the day after her 35th birthday.

Happy Birthday E-Dogg. Thanks for being one of my girls. I love you.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Erica! Those are fantastic pictures of such a wonderful friend.

tharker said...

Happy Birthday Erica!

I've never seen Erica with blonde hair...I like it! But really, I'm thinking that she looks gorgeous in all of these pictures.

Blissfully one of your girls said...

Awwww... I don't even know what to say to this virtual altar to me. Except thank you, thank you. There is nothing in this world like being known. And you know me... and love me anyway :)

P.S. Thanks, Kelly and Tiffany!