Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Take That Mr. Jobs

Did I mention I got a Droid?


It is my new best friend.

It is a gigantic chocolate and peanut butter piece of awesomeness.

If it were a movie, it would win the Oscar.

If it were a date, it would be a private-jet-to-Venice-for-dinner.

If it were music, it would be Yo-Yo Ma playing for Andrea Bocelli.

It is the Brad Pitt/Taye Diggs/Matthew McConaughey of phones.

I am in love.

All my ranting and raving about the iPhone finally caught up with me and I was given a Droid by my loving husband.

And it has never dropped a call (which AT&T did for us about 7 times an hour.)

And it doesn't cost us $100 a month.

And it does everything that an iPhone can do, and then some.

Oh yes, iPhone lovers of the world, I said it.

It's amazing to me all the things that it can do and I am taking full advantage of all it has to offer. Just this morning, a polite little British man (whom I've named Simon) talked me through my workout, letting me know my time, my speed, when I needed to pick it up a bit, etc. And I did! Simon really spurned us on! Lindsay and I had a fabulous morning thanks to Simon.

And I love the co-pilot feature. I love the silly little games and how easy it is to use. And how I can browse Facebook or my blog roll any time I have time to kill, which is frequent (it is baseball season after all.) And I love that once again, The Rizz waited me out and got us both Droids for a whole lot less instead of giving in to my constant and unrelenting iPhone whining.

That man is a genius.


tharker said...

So happy for you! (and envious of you at the same time ;)

Kelly said...

Um...I want one. Does this mean I can text you anytime I want to now?

Cathy said...

My nephew 9(who is 28) says that the droid is way better. Glad to know he's right. I'm very jealous and want to know more

PRP said...

Kel-text away!

Cathy-call me and I'll let you know what we did. It's brilliant!

Mimi said...
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Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

stupid iphone! I couldn't publish my comment!!!!!
I am glad you got a new phone. AT&T is the droppingist dropping phone dropper service I have ever (wanted) to drop.
I am glad you guys have moved up:)

Cajsa said...

I have seriously looked on Craig's list for a deal like Brad got to no avail...I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

He is a genius, just like his mother.