Sunday, June 06, 2010

How Time Flies When You're Too Busy To Remember What Day It Is

What the June is going on?

Really? June? Not sure how that happened exactly but since you're here and packed to the gills with fun and food and celebrations and Relay's, well, I say howdy-do to you.

So glad you made it.

As is the norm around here, we've been busy, busy, busy. We ran off to Portland two weeks ago to swim with cousins, eat with family, shop with sisters and amuse (read: ANNOY) the staff and community at large of the Waterford Retirement and Assisted Living Facility.

I'll tell you what: I'm ready to move into that place right. now. (The Waterford, not Portland, although I do love it there.) That place is a-mazing. It's beautifully furnished and comes complete with a beauty parlor, coffee shop, bank, internet cafe, swimming pool, card room, elevator and restaurant. How much easier would my life be if I could just worry about getting myself dressed each day and then rolling down the hall in my scooter and join my friends for a day of socializing and leisure? Although I'd probably never make it down to breakfast in time because I'm sure that even in my 70's, I'll still be wasting time in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear.

Some things never change.

After Portland we came back home to that crazy time of year known as The Last Two Weeks Of School. Everyone around here goes crazy with anticipation as the summer looms over us, teasing us with all it has to offer. It's a wonder we get anything done. We have much planned for the next few months, including trips to here, here and here. Throw in lots of time in the pool and about 50 backyard BBQ's, and we'll be all set.

Yesterday we made the rounds of graduation which is basically a day where The Rizz and I stuff ourselves silly as we go from house to house. We only ended up making it to four parties yesterday but they were all wonderful. My favorite part? Besides the Costco cake? Parents of happy graduates coming up to me and telling me how much my husband influenced their child's life.

"So and so is going to study chemistry at college you know, all because of your husband."

"My son said that Mr. J was hands down his favorite teacher over his entire school career."

"Your hubs was a lifesaver for my child after his father died. We would have been lost without him."

I know I'm bragging and being prideful but I can't help it. If you have a child who will ever go to high school, you should plan on moving here just so they can have my hubs as a teacher. He's amazing.

And my little Squish also had her very first ballet recital yesterday and I might have cried just a titch as she made her way across the stage. She had been scared to death to do this but did it with gusto and a huge smile on her face. She and her best bud Kaiya was beautiful.


Told you.

My mother was also here last week and I know I've said it before but can I just say that that woman is a LIFESAVER? Seriously, she cooked, she cleaned, she loved on my kids and made them each feel so special and loved. She watched them all so Rizz and I could run around yesterday congratulating everyone and did it all with a smile on her face. My kids LUCKED OUT in the grandmother department. They have two of the very best I know.

This week will bring us more baseball, end of the year parties, one last ballet class, a father/son campout and a quick trip to Seattle. And we're ready for it all.

Welcome June. We've been waiting for you.


Sarah said...

I agree. June got here and snuck in way too fast. Enjoy your busy but fun days ahead!

dandee said...

Sienna is a doll! As is sweet Kaiya.

Summer is so more week! Hang in there!

Mimi said...

so many wonderful events and celebrations! It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic, fun-filled summer, just the way it should be.

Look at those beautiful girls! It is fantastic that she pushed through her fear!!

Dallin and Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun-filled summer! And that little squish is a doll. Holy smokes, I am pretty sure she could get away with anything with me because I would melt anytime she busted out smile. Or a pout. Or anything. :) She's just so dang cute!

Kelly said...

Ca-ute picture!

I would love to be a fly on the wall in Brad's class...I bet it's AWESOME!

Have a wonderful day Karen!

tharker said...

Okay, this picture of Sienna and Kaiya...I think I want to cry! They are so stinking sweet.

June marks the month that I say goodbye to the Johnsons for 3 months...ya know, cuz you're NEVER home in the summer ;)

Lisa said...

You were at the recital and I missed you?! Bummer!

Summer is almost here....woohoooo!!

Heather said...

You've been busy! Can't wait to catch up with you and your crazy June.