Friday, September 03, 2010

The Little Things

Life has been incredibly busy for this little guy this past week.

He's watched all the other kids head to school.

He's been dropped off at the homes of dear friends so I could go work on the duplex.

He's been shuffled to and fro with nary a complaint (except for that whole nap-skipping thing.)

He has been patient, understanding and cooperative.

Not too bad for a 2-year-old.

So today, he swings.

Faded Sharpie marks courtesy of Austin, new shoes courtesy of Mama

Nothing makes Auzzie happier than time spent in his swing.

Thanks for hanging in there with me buddy. Life as we know it will be back in full swing (hee-hee) sooner than we know.

Happy weekend!


Kelly said...

He is quite possibly the cutest little two year old walking on this planet today... LOVE HIM!

tharker said...

He's such a sweet little guy. I love him!!

Swing on, buddy!

Jenn said...

I keep thinking that life will slow down one of these days too. *sigh*
I hope everything went alright last night!

Mimi said...

Love these moments. Love that face!

Lisa said...

He is adorable, marker stains and all :)