Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What Happens In Vegas....

...will make you laugh for years to come. And give you a tummy ache.

There are so many great memories from our week in Vegas with our dear friends that I'm not sure how to start. To save you all from the mindless recap of we-went-here-we-did-this that no one who wasn't on the trip actually cares about, I'll give you a list.

Proudly presenting:


1. Jared will work "the guns" into every picture imaginable

It's like a fun game of Where's Waldo. You will see them in every picture to come.

2. Traveling with fellow foodies is the only way to go

In-N-Out Burger

The Cheesecake Factory


Max Brenner

The Range

Before our trip, when most people were researching the best shows to see or where to do the best shopping, we researched FOOD. Where to eat, when to eat there, how much it would be, what to order, etc. We literally ate ourselves sick on two separate occasions, resulting in both Linds and I spending some quality time doubled over the toilet. I'm not proud, kids, I'm not proud. But it was worth every. single. bite.

3. Claiming to have walked the ENTIRE strip
isn't cool, just stupid

Are we really here?

In search of a some low-cost fun, we hiked our hiney's down to the Sahara which was approximately 87 miles from the Monte Carlo where we were staying. It always seemed to be "just up ahead" and we persevered until we made it. Walking, in flip flops, in the desert, during summer for hours on end? Quite possibly one of the funnest parts of the trips.

4. Any Cirque du Soleil show is worth every penny paid

Jared & Linds before the show

We saw Mystere and were completely blown away. It's like nothing you've ever seen before and so incredibly fun. I'm itching to go back and see them all.
We also saw Phantom of The Opera at The Venetian which was AMAZING.
I am always blown away by people's talents, and that show was unbelievable.

5. Lindsay will follow you, anywhere

Sweet, sweet Lindsay. That girl, whom I love with all of my heart, permanently resides in her own Lindsuniverse. Whether it's stopping to take a bathroom break and following Brad into the men's room, or stepping DIRECTLY into the carpet glue after all three of us and stepped over it and reminded her to do the same, she is a special girl. No sense of direction, that one. But watching her makes for the best memories! As does the sound of her gluey flip-flop for the following half hour. Thwock, step, thwock, step....

6. It's important to take any road necessary to get to good food

On our first full day, we had settled on In-N-Out Burger for lunch. We could see it from our hotel. We THOUGHT we knew how to go. We were wrong. After hiking around in 112 degree heat, we found ourselves here:

We either had to significantly back track to take the overpass, or we could simply scale a mountain in flip flops. You know what we chose. Jared was mortified, the rest of us were triumphant!

Yes, it was farging steep.

7. The Bellagio is the stuff of magic and dreams

Whether it's the fountains out front,

the decor inside,

or the best little patisserie,

I'm convinced I could live there. We went through there several times and were always impressed. So beautiful.

8. Paying as much for dessert as you normally
would for dinner for 6 is totally reasonable

Did I mention we were foodies? Yeah, that's a $14 cup of frozen hot chocolate and a $22 ice cream sundae. Again, worth every penny.

And that's $45 of fondue and ice cream. Can you see why we ralphed?

9. Traveling with the combo of Brad and Jared is just plain fun

Brad joining Jared at the gun show

I mean, really. There are no words.

10. Spending time with your spouse and friends you adore is what life is all about

Look! A gun free picture! Thanks to Brad for some clever zooming...

Thanks for the memories, guys. We loved every second.

Now, where to next?


Cathy said...

So fun! We went to Vegas last year and circled the vicinity of that In n Out for sometime until we finally figured it out! I loved the Bellagio too, but I missed the patisserie! I'm so jealous.

lindsay>boo said...

Vegas was a blast! Great recap! And all the was worth it.

Everyday was so much fun and lots of laughs but I still, STILL think my favorite part was everything Sahara-related---the long walk where we could potentially get mugged at any moment, the grandma cocktail waitresses, Leonora ripping on Brad, and then the cab ride home. Seriously so funny. You can't make that stuff up.

Jenn said...

I hiked that overpass back from In n out too! And there was this crazy dwarf there {in n out} with this super tall blonde girl for a date. And he was talking so loud about all the things he was going to do to her that night. Gotta love the characters in that town! But seriously, Cheesecake Factory? I have never eaten anything great there.

PRP said...

Jenn, we LOVE Cheesecake Factory. Like, seriously love it. It was one of our best meals for sure. You just need to go with me, I'll tell you what to get!

dirty>south said...

ha nice pic of brad and i grabbing our teets. why did we ever come back home?

tharker said...

I've been waiting to see pictures! I love it!! You weren't kidding about Jared and the gun show in almost. every. picture. Too funny!

So glad you guys had fun on your trip!

Sarah said...

I can just imagine you guys trecking up that big old overpass to get some good food. Obviously from the other commenters you guys weren't the only ones who had problems getting there! Ha. Glad you were able to have such a fun getaway and with friends to boot is that much more fun.

Kelly said...

Looks like a whole lotta fun! It's hard to beat a vacation spent with great friends.