Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Bloody Monday

My Monday has started out like this:

2 am: Sienna appears at my bedside wanting a snuggle. No bad dreams, no yucky stomach, just some cuddling with mom. I happily oblige.

3 am: Hannah appears at my bedside because of a bad dream. We say a prayer. She wants to sleep with me. I hug her tight and send her back to bed.

3:15 am: Hannah appears at my bedside because her throat is really hurting. She had mentioned it earlier in the day so while I'm wanting to be completely sympathetic, my need for sleep is causing me to be less than stellar. Ibuprofen: check. Cup of water: check. Big hugs and a re-tuck-in: check.

3:45 am: I try to go back to sleep.

It doesn't work.

4:20 am: Austin appears at my bedside. Apparently he thinks it is morning. It is not. He is put back in bed.

4:47 am: Brad and I start talking since we're both still awake.

5:20 am: I get up. I've reached the point of no return.

5:30 am: Austin reappears. He is definitely done sleeping for the day.

5:40 am: I grumpily meet Lindsay in the driveway for our workout.

And here we are. Hannah is home on the couch today. Austin is a whiny beast. I am quite tired. Let the good times roll.


Heather said...

yeah, those are some good times... please don't let them roll this way! ;S

Sarah said...

Ugh! I hate nights like that where no one stays asleep. Totally frustrating. Hopefully the day is picking up for you!

Mimi said...

Love the new header!
Let's just hope these types of good times roll faster than say the good times of peanut butter explosion cake shared by four happy children and a husband who has surprised you with a 10 day Fiji vacation (for example). Hope you get a good nights rest tonight!

tharker said...

Crappy Monday, but super cute new header! Great job!!! Isn't picnik so much fun?!

GS said...

Sounds like you need a visit from Grandma. I'm on my way!

Kelly said...

Hooray for Grandma! Sorry for your crummy night and sleepy, whiny day. Hope last night was better and that Hannah is feeling much better.