Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Learning, The Hard Way

Here's the thing: I've been busying myself this morning by reading through my normal blog roll and branching out to read some new blogs, visit some new sites and see what everyone is up to. (I'm spending the day with a bunch of 8th graders at Mac so I've got some time on my hands.)

And I read all these things, I see all these great pictures and see what everyone is up to and how they are making their home, children, community, schools, environment, etc better and I think hmmmm.

All I want to do today is lay on the couch and watch reruns of Modern Family.

I'm pooped, kids. Completely worn out. We've FINALLY conquered the duplex and while I'm ecstatic, I'm also pooped. And while I thought I was over the physical toll that took on me, I find myself bogged down emotionally. I've been slowly learning over the past few months that just because someone is adult, they don't have to behave that way. And just because someone claims to be a good person, they don't have to actually be one. And just because I am trying to conduct myself with kindness and love, it doesn't have to be received well.

It's annoying.

I ran into an old friend here in the halls of Mac and we chatted about what's been going on with each others families. She has been dealing with very similar issues and at about the same time, we looked at each other and said "aren't we all adults? why are people choosing to behave like kids? I swear I left elementary school ages ago."

I laid in bed early this morning, trying to recover from a bad dream involving dog poop wondering what lessons I am supposed to be learning from all of this. Because really? SOMEONE IS TRYING TO TEACH ME SOMETHING. I seem to be resistant to learning because the same things, in slightly different ways, keep happening. What is it all about? What do I need to get that I haven't gotten before? I swear I'm working on it and I hope to get it soon because all this?

It's really annoying.


tharker said...

After all the work you have put into that place over the last month, you deserve a full day of nothing but the couch and Modern Family!

I think you're a living example of what you've been trying to teach Hannah. You can only control your behaviors, your reaction to situations, and those around you. And you have handled this all so amazingly well, Karen. She has a mother that she can look to and be so proud of.

You're doing a fantastic job!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Karen you are awesome and I love you for being you. Ditto to Tiffany she said it all. By the way Dog poo dreams would have started anyone’s day off in a funk! So here’s to good dreams, much needed down time on the couch with the remote, and friends who can relate.

Lisa said...

A nightmare about dog poop would scare the livin' daylights out of me too. Especially since our dogs have a designated 'pooping area' in our backyard but lately have been wandering to other areas....and that leaves me nervous that one of the children will step in it and track it in the house. Oh yuck, oh yuck.

On another note: I LOVE Modern Family; and spending the day watching reruns while lazying that sounds dreamy..... :)

Sarah said...

I've been getting beat over the head with some life lessons as well lately. Maybe we should join up and teach a class on what not to do. Ha!

Mimi said...

The whole situation sucks, but maybe the lesson is that we have to be tolerant of others learning curves? Like you said, just because someone claims to be good, doesn't mean they are. At least in that moment anyway. Maybe they are still learning what it is to be good? It is plain that I have made mistakes and have had to work at being good. I can only hope that people around me help me see when I am not and are tolerant while I am learning.

Thats all I got on that one. It is either that lesson or that life's rough so buy a helmet :) I am still deciding.

almond nuthouse said...

All I can say is... I love how real you are with your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, emotions etc, in your blog posts. Sometimes I nod my head in agreement of what you are saying (been there, done that) other times i just laugh out loud because I love how you just put it out there... Love it.

Jenn said...

I think sometimes life is just hard. And maybe its not necessarily learning anything specific, but learning how to handle hard. There are just different kinds of hard that we are capable of handling better than others. You are doing great! And its ok to be lazy once in awhile. Especially when you deserve it!

Sara said...

You are learning that sometime life is just plain hard and really sucks, but you give it your all and well thats all you can give. Hang in there, I hope this fall is full of fun and peace for you.