Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change Of Plans

Most Saturday mornings find us busy, busy, busy. We often have friends or family curled up in our guest room (which we LOVE) and so we're busy making breakfast and finalizing our plans for the day. If we find ourselves guest-free, Brad and I are usually up for an early morning bike ride or off to the gym. Our day fills up before we know it and when we make our way back to bed, we often wonder where the day went.

Not today.

Today we are moving slowly. The kids are eating breakfast to the sounds of Dora who is off on another adventure. Hot cocoa is sitting on the counter, waiting to cool a bit. I'm holed up in my sweats, nursing a cold that has taken hold but feeling pretty darn good because of the quiet and warmth of the morning. These mornings are few and far between for us and for today, I'm going to enjoy every second.



Envying you right now. Up and down all night with a sleepless baby and the hockey rink and soccer field still await :(

Mimi said...

I love a slow Saturday. I am thinking you should add in popcorn, movies and naps. ;) Enjoy your day and feel better!

Kelly said...

Have a wonderful day together you guys!

AOlson said...

That's exactly what we did on Saturday! Nothing!! And I LOVED it:)