Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Know Our Schools Are In Crisis, But This Is Worse Than I Expected

Today I can be found at the local middle school. A school that serves over 1500 students and has more portables than I thought possible. I am smack dab in the middle of that sea in Portable 16 and apparently the heating system from the main building doesn't make it out here because my classroom is currently a breezy 61 degrees. Some of my cute little sixth graders are wearing gloves while they take their Social Studies test.
Note to self: stock up on fingerless gloves for Spence for when he walks these halls next year.
Um, yeah, about that? My babe will be here next year among the ID badges & Aeropostale sweatshirts and iPods and can I just say? The whole thing freaks me out. There is definitely a palapble difference between 5th and 6th grade and I can't imagine my boy out here in this portable jungle. I've got some growing up to do between now and next fall.
While my freezing students are making sense of their chapter 3 review, I am compiling the world's largest grocery list. I was asked to be in charge of the food for a stake dance this Friday night and I've been scouring recipes for weeks. My trusty partner Cindy and I formalized our plans yesterday and are preparing for our grocery shop Thursday morning. Did I mention I'm to prepare for 300 guests? Food for 300? No problem. I'm excited about what we've settled on and am anxious to get cooking. I may have mentioned it here a time or two before but cooking for others is my very favorite thing. We'll see if I still feel the same thing after prepping for 300.
While I'm exicted about my Friday night plans, I'm bummed because my little family was offered up lots of fun for the exact same day and I'm bummed to miss out. One of our favorite families invited us over for soups and s'mores and we love anything that involves them. Their home is so warm and inviting and she has the greatest fall decor around. I'm always excited to see what she's come up with. Another friend is having a baby shower for her first born son and I'm itching to get away and see some old friends. She has waited for this little guy patiently and I would love to celebrate her. And finally, the kid's school is hosting Monster Math Night, a night that I used to be in charge of as PTO Pres. I was secretly looking forward to enjoying the evening without any responsibilities! When it rains, it pours I guess but I wish I could make it to all four events with time to spare.
Oh, and one more thing. One shallow, ridiculous, completely non-important thing. Would you be so kind as to become a follower of this little bloggy? I look over at my sidebar and see the 10 who will claim me and I have to say, it depresses me. I know you're out there, my SiteMeter tells me so, so if you can stomach it, take a moment and come follow me. My self-esteem and I would really appreciate it.
My fingers are beginning to turn blue so I'm off to run some laps around the classroom with my students. Happy Tuesday to you!


Jenn said...

I'm starting to feel the same way about Kindergarten! Seriously do kids really wear those clothes from Target when they are 5 ?! Stay warm! Maybe you should make some fingerless gloves for yourself!

Kelly said...

You always knew I was a "follower"...now it's official.
Nolan and Spence will be testing the Middle School waters at the same time next year. It's a whole new world of some not so wonderful things, but they will both do great. Good luck on the party of 300- that is what my nightmares are made of. :) Love you!!

tharker said...

I thought I was a follower already...I guess not. Well now I am. How's your self esteem now? What? Seeing my face over in your sidebar didn't automatically send your self esteem through the roof? :)

I'm right there with you about the middle school thing. I am not ready to send Hannah over there next fall. It freaks me out every time I even think about it.

Sara said...

I just watched the school makeover show on ABC (I think) and was in complete shock as to the poor quality of most schools around this nation. I love hearing about your daily adventures!

Annette Rose said...

You are my blogger role model, FYI. I have been such a blogger slacker! Its so great to see some people are still religious about it! You are as busy as ever. I don't know how you do it all! We'd love to hang with you guys sometime!

Amy said...

Weird. I also thought I was a follower. Well now it's official, and I want you to always remember that I was the one that rounded out the top 20. Thank you very much. And how did shopping for all those people go? I wish cooking for others was my favorite thing. I used to love it, but years of upturned noses and whiny remarks has made me less than eager (ie, bitter).

Maybe you could do a post on how you get your family to eat all those delicious meals you have listed on your sidebar.Hmmm?

Mrs. (Queen) Guinevere said...

People say I teach in Camelot... but even Camelot is in crisis.