Friday, October 22, 2010

Just LIke A Chipmunk

Have I mentioned how much I love my fridge?

Man alive, I do.

When we built this house, we splurged on the Big! Fridge! and that thing has been worth it's weight in gold ever since.

Especially on days like today when, my sweet Sienna, in search of yogurt this morning said "Mama! How come you are storing so much food for winter?"

I'm still laughing about it.

I reminded her about the big dance tonight and that Mama was elbow deep in preparations and while I should be stressed to the hilt, and am probably forgetting something major, I'm incredibly excited to spend the day in my kitchen cooking away. For me, it's what Fall is all about.

Oh, and while I'm busy in the kitchen today, I'll definitely be listening to this. It's making me swoon. And miss my hubs.


tharker said...

Love that Squish!

Happy cooking!

Mimi said...

there are so many that are thankful for that gianormous fridge! I hope you recovered nicely:)

The Neff Family said...

It's a beauty of a fridge! Have you given it a name?? You should! Little Squish is so cute! My favorite part of the day is remembering something funny my kids did and can't stop smiling and laughing!
When will I see you again? It has been SOOO long! Loves.... Amanda