Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. After a poor showing for my first hosting of the holiday in 2009 (I was up all night with a dear friend who was in labor, I put the turkey in way too late, etc) I think I made up for it this year! Our table was beautiful, the food perfection and the company couldn't be beat. I'm already planning next year.

And a major shout-out to my BIL Matt who made the yummiest turkey ever. I was a bit against the whole frying-of-the-bird idea, but I have to say that it was moist, delicious, and cooked to perfection. My very favorite part? Having the oven free to cook everything else. Dreamy.

Hope your's was just as good!


Shayla said...

Ah...your BIL braved the cold and snow to fry the turkey, huh? That was the plan at my house, too, but they "chickened" out cause of the weather. My favorite part of frying the turkey is having the oven free, as well. Nothing like Thanksgiving to make me wish for a double oven. Oh heck, I always want a double oven. At least you got some great pictures. I never even got my camera out. Blah.

tharker said...

So glad this Thanksgiving was better for you and your family! Next baby, I will be sure not to have it on a major holiday..deal? ;)

No really, I still feel awful for pulling you away from your family that day, but am so thankful for the amazing friend that you are, and for your willingness to be there with me. In short, you pretty much rock!

These are great pictures, I especially love the one of Jen! She's so beautiful!

We've never fried the turkey, but having the oven free really does make it sound inviting!

Shayla, I'm always wishing for a double oven too!

Mimi said...

I LOVE your thankful tree. Everything looked beautiful, you are a wonderful hostess!