Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

How doody, December 1st!

I'd like to say you sneaked up on me like usual but I've actually been waiting for you for some time now. My tree is up, my halls are decked and I'm soaking up every ounce of Christmas cheer I can muster. Sure, the Mister of the house is already tired of the Christmas music that's been playing on continuous loop for a week now, but I am loving this time of year, the magic in the air and the anticipation that fuels each and every one of us in this house of ours.

And I was going to write today about Hannah's baptism over the weekend, which was beautiful and will be reported on in full tomorrow, but something lovely happened at Costco today. And it's kicked off my December in just the right way.

After gathering all of my goodies and with my Austin and Sienna in tow, I made my way to the loooooooooooog food line for a piece of cheese pizza for the kids and a diet Pepsi for me. Both kids were being remarkably well behaved which is a bit of a feat for Austin these last few months and when we finally made our way up to order, the smiley cashier told me to put my money away because the person ahead of me had paid for our meal.

I know, right?

I'm a little bit embarrassed to say but not really that tears sprung to my eyes at this wonderfully sweet gesture. I gathered our food, made our way to a table and sought out this kind and unassuming woman. She was sitting at a table with her husband and grown sons and I thanked her for her kind deed. She responded with a heartfelt "you're welcome," touching my hand as I placed it on her shoulder. She wished me a happy holiday and returned to her meal.

I returned to our table with the warmest feeling of good will towards men and found myself thinking of things I could do that would brighten someone else's day like she had brightened mine. And isn't that what the holidays, what the beautiful and magical and spiritual month of December is all about?

I'm on a mission now, a mission brought about by a sweet mother in Costco in a beautiful purple shirt who reminded me of what matters this holiday season. To serve others. To look for ways to bring cheer to someone else. To take hold of the magic of the season and share all that I've been blessed with. To teach my children that little things, when done with love and happiness, can make the biggest difference.

A chocolate-faced Austin and me

Welcome December. I'm so glad you're here.


Amy said...

I love that she did that! It just makes you think of all the opportunities there are to serve others. I'm just so thankful for people who aren't afraid to be kind.

tharker said...

Stories like this just make my day!

A while ago, we were eating at IHOP (i know...) and a very kind someone paid for half of our meal. I'm sure to him, the $20 gesture wasn't that big of a deal, but his secret kindness meant so much to us.

Cathy said...

that is so cool. Today in the Wal-mart parking lot I had finished loading purchases, and then baby into the car and was contemplating which direction to head for the return of my cart when I gentleman said, I'll take that for you. I thought he was going into the store, but he wasn't even doing that, just helping me out. He has no idea how much I appreciated that. Thanks for sharing. These two deeds of kindness are inspiring me!

Sarah said...

So neat! What a great lady.

Shayla said...

Seriously what I needed to read today. I've been feeling a bit bah-hum-buggish as I've been fighting a nasty cold for so long and the icy cold isn't my favorite weather and Black Friday always gets me in a tizzy of anxiety over money and presents and ugh... There's nothing like acts of service to remind you what it's all really about. p.s. - that green wall behind you in the photo is making me happy. What a great color!

Mimi said...

What a wonderful way to start December! I love that you shared this! I hope it infects many with the holiday spirit.

By the way, I love your new winter header. Those are some mighty beautiful kids you are growing.

Kelly said...

That is it!

I also love that sweet little Austin sitting there on your lap with his chocolate stache. So cute!

Cajsa said...

That's awesome, but what I really love are your new blog pics. I gotta come over for some blogger lessons.

vwbabe said...

Great story! I actually cried reading it! Yep the girl who never cries shed a tear. You are an amazing writer and I am soooo happy that you got someone to bless your life when you are continually blessing others. You deserve it!