Monday, December 13, 2010

No Ba-Humbugging Here

As we sat down for dinner last night, I looked at my kids and said "ok guys, why are people coming over tonight?"

There may have been some eye rolling, as I've pretty much drilled this into their heads, but they said "we're collecting things we don't need anymore to give to people who do need them."


I don't know why I get so crazy about this, but it's incredibly important to me that my kids understand how important it is to serve those around them. Their schools, their communities, their neighbors. And not just their church service; in our faith, we are asked to actively take part in tending the flock, so to speak, and I have yet to know someone who has turned down a request for service. And I LOVE that about church, but I also know that it's an incredibly small slice of the pie. I want my kids to know that you have to go beyond yourself and do whatever you can to help those around you. It's why I was PTO president. It's why I captain a Relay For Life Team. It's why I do things like this during the busiest time of year. No matter what your station is in life, there is always someone who can benefit from your generosity.

We started opening the door at 6:45 and had a steady stream of friends up until 8:15. I'm happy to report that we had our biggest turn out yet and I'm already excited to see what we can do next year. There's just something about seeing your friends take time out of their busy days, weeks, months, to gather their family up and come knocking on your door with their arms full of things to offer. It makes me glow inside, makes me smile with my whole face and my eyes well up to see those I love support me and help me teach my children. The feeling, the real feeling of Christmas was palpable and I am so thankful.

And I know my kids are getting it, which is the best present I'll be getting this Christmas. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we made the effort to take care of one another?

(The offerings of nine generous families)

It's left me feeling very merry indeed. Thanks everyone!


tharker said...

It was great to be there! I love that you do this every year. Thank you!!

(and the treats weren't too shabby either)

Mimi said...

I think you are fantastic for doing this for our community, for teaching your kids this important lesson and for including US! Thank you!!

karen★ said...

that is such an amazing tradition. i've never heard of anyone doing that & i know my children would love it. thanks for a way to include my boys in the true spirit of the holidays!