Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Big Or Go Home (Not Really, But Kinda)

In case you need a reminder....

Third Annual Christmas Give-Back
(open house style)
Our House
Treats Provided!

Please bring either canned food, gently used clothing, or a donation for The American Cancer Society (or all of the above!) What better way to teach your kids that it's better to GIVE this Holiday season than RECEIVE. See you here!


(All dressed up for the Nutcracker Friday Night with them)


GS said...

Are the girls wearing lipstick? Gorgeous!

tharker said...

5 pretty ladies! Love the girls in their sweet dresses.

We'll see you tonight!

Cathy said...

okay, first - didn't you love the nutcracker? Second, I forgot that tonight is your shindig and I sent my girly to your house to make a mess I'm sure! She can clean and help you know -just put her to work, or send them over if you need to. We are planning on stopping by tonight.

Mimi said...

I love this tradition of yours! We will certainly be by to drops some things off.

Love the picture btw. Squish's eyes are closed in my picture too:)

Marilyn said...

We'll be there... 7:30-ish! See you then!

Anonymous said...

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