Monday, January 03, 2011

Looks Like There's Another One Of Me Out There

Did I mention that The Rizz has strep? Or that Austin broke his foot? I think no to the first and yes to the latter but in case you forgot, there it is.

I've been busy nursing those two back to health and while one is happily clunking along, red boot and all, the other is still lying miserably on the couch. His second visit to the doctor yesterday landed him with a nice shot of penicillin right in the tookus and the promise of a cure within 48 hours. We are hoping. In my 15 years with this man, I've never seen him as beaten as the last few days.

Since I am housebound, I've had lot of time to click my way around the internet and I've found all sorts of lovely things. And although I'm not sure how I got there, I stumbled across the most beautiful tumblr of images and from the looks of things, I've found my image doppelganger. No, not because we look alike but because what we find beautiful and uplifting and inspiring is exactly the same. I don't think there is an image or quote listed that I don't completely identify with. I've been perusing her archives off and on all day and have found myself loving everything I see. So much so that you will most likely see her images splashed across this blog from time to time because it suits me (and her) perfectly.

Like this. For instance.

holdonlover:  {dreameveryday}.

Don't we all need that reminder? It feels good, reading those words at the start of this new year. Because even though I feel like I have found me, I can still get lost in the red boots and strep throats of my life and flounder for a few days. Revisiting such simple words will serve me well. I have found that some of the things I feel I know the best are the ones I need reminding about the most. Does that make sense? Like I know that my attitude determines my entire day, but yet I still get bogged down in red boots and strep and then they determine my day. Why do I do that? What a silly waste of time. Anyway, the images now appearing on this blog will be a feast for your eyes and will remind me of all the things I already know.

What's better than that?


tharker said...

That is beautiful. And such a good reminder.

Kelly said...

Love the simplicity and truth in that quote. I think I need to share it with Nicholas. Fourteen is a tough age to navigate. :) Thanks for sharing.

Mimi said...

These are beautiful images. Each one speaks volumes, right?

I have a few words around my house that always give me pause when I take the time to read them (imagine, simplify & hope). I am adding wonder to that list, I just haven't found the right medium.

I think this is your doppelganger!

I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Marilyn said...

I love finding beautiful images that inspire me, that's why I love Pinterest so much. Do you have a Pinterest account? If not and you need an invitation, I'd be happy to send you one!

Hope your guys start mending soon!

PRP said...

Marilyn, I don't have a Pinterest account and would love one but here's my problem...i don't know where everyone finds all these gorgeous images. When I search for things I come up with NOTHING. Help!

debsters said...

I still don't get how a throat infection can affect your whole body so violently. It really takes it ALL out of you.

Hope everyone's on the mend. Have a great day.