Thursday, January 06, 2011

Today's Lesson

So maybe it's 4:24 pm and I should be planning dinner.

And maybe my kids should be doing their homework.

And maybe I should be enforcing the no-TV after school rule.

And maybe I should be having them clean up a bit and help in the kitchen.

But I'm not.

Instead, I've popped a huge bowl of popcorn (with butter, and that never happens) and we're all settled in watching Despicable Me. Because, maybe, just maybe, I should throw out all my rules every now and then and just be with my kids.

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Mimi said...

i could get on board with that.

Amy said...

I love it. We have days like that, and my kids think they've won the mommy lottery. Which, of course, they have:)

karen★ said...

love this! so much better than following the rules sometimes. plus, that movie is just so darn adorable!

tharker said...

Dinner is overrated. Popcorn has lots of fiber (okay, maybe not "lots") and you got some good dairy in there with the butter too. So, look at that! Technically, you served something healthy.

Good for you. Throwing out the rulebook sometimes is lots of fun!

Sarah said...

Sometimes when the moment is right you just have to go for it and have some fun. You have lucky kids!

Laura said...

It's stuff like that I think, that kids will remember when they get older..."Mom..remember that one day we didn't have to do anything but just sit and eat popcorn and watch a movie? That was so awesome."