Sunday, February 27, 2011

Any Given Sunday

I am home from church today.

I feel like a rebel.

Partially because going to church is such a part of my routine, something I don't question or have to make any decisions about, something I do, prettying up my little family and heading off each and every Sunday.

And partially because I'm enjoying it. The being home part.


Don't get me wrong; I love going to church on Sunday. I love the example is sets for our kids. I love the things that they are learning. I love seeing friends and neighbors. I love that, despite wrestling an often squirmy Austin and excusing the girls to the bathroom for the 5th time in an hour, I get something out of going. A new way of thinking about something, a new thought I'm unfamiliar with, a way of seeing things that hadn't occurred to me before. And that's what keeps us going. Whatever belief system you have, be it LDS or Quaker (hi Mel!) you believe what you believe because it helps you. Teaches you. Inspires you.

But an occasional Sunday at home is good too. A day snuggled close to my two littlest ones who are both battling ear infections is just as spiritual. Being still with my kids and remembering that my most important job is to hold them close and help them feel better is as sacred as any church service.

And I'm thankful for both kinds of Sundays.

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Mimi said...

Enjoy your day snuggling with your sickies. Because of the reflective person you are, I am sure you will learn what you are intended to learn on this Sunday.

& I will see you tomorrow. I can't wait!

hatch said...

You are so right both are equally good. Sorry to hear your kids are sick that is no fun. I miss seeing you on Sundays.

Knotaklu said...

If anyone ever thinks, or yourself for that matter, that you don't have your act together, then have them read this blog.

Sarah said...

Just be glad you did not have to wear a dress out in that wind. It was nearly impossible not to have some sort of wardrobe malfunction! Hope the kids are doing better.

tharker said...

So true, Karen. I want to second, third and fourth this post ;)

Oh, and Sarah's comment, yep. Let's just say I was glad I was wearing a pencil skirt ;)

Jefferson and Karalee said...

Karen!! I finally found you! Somedays a Sunday away from church is as effective as a day at church!