Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Rare Day At Home

For the 6 of you still reading, sorry for my absence. We were out of town last weekend for the funeral of Brad's grandma and arrived back home to a week chock full of things to do, including Scout banquets, music class x 2, Relay Meetings 1, 2 & 3, a jean party, baby shower and going away party, all before Saturday morning. In the middle of so much chaos, it's hard for me to keep my noggin' on straight, but I'm doing my best.

Here's what I've learned:

*Happy Mail is the best kind of mail to get, ever. Before we left, I ran to the mailbox hoping to find my first little treasure from April at Funky Vintage Kitchen. I was not disappointed. Tucked inside my sweet little package was a ring that I've pretty much been wearing ever since. Sweet, simple, and the perfect shade of green to gear me up for Spring. I love thoughtful people. Thoughtful people who do nice things just because. And for people they don't even know. Thanks again to Dandee for hooking me up with the mother of all giveaways and April for her beautiful little treasures. You need to check out her shop and pick up some Spring for yourself.

Image of Blossom Flower Ring - Honeysuckle Rose

This, but beautifully green

*Funerals are sad, plain and simple but there sure is a lot of love there. Grandma Betty (or Grandma Buddy as Spence aptly named her) passed away after an incredibly full life of traveling the world and reaching out to those in need. She was a bit cranky in the years that I knew her (read: a lot cranky) when Alzheimer's and dementia had robbed her of any niceties she once had, but for sweet Grandpa Jim, all of that is forgotten and all that remains is him knowing that his partner of 67 years is gone. His hugs were tighter, his words more sincere and his sadness palpable. My heart hurts for him.

*Climbing up Multonomah Falls is harder than it seems, especially with three little ones in tow. Brad, Matt and I decided to make the climb with Sienna, Austin and Sims and while it was beautiful , my calves are still barking a bit.

*Busy is as busy does. Shocking, I'm sure, to see that I am overbooked and feeling scrambled but this is what I've decided: the busy of my life right now is what's making my life my life, and if it weren't for the busy, I wouldn't be being me at all. I know a time will come when I'll be looking for things to fill my days and so for now, I need to sit back and enjoy the crazy I've created. I'm lucky to be able to go and see and do and help and instead of fighting it, I'm going to embrace it. There are so many other worse things to be than busy.

*New! York! is 38 days away. I haven't learned anything about that. I'm just really excited. Still looking for a great shoe that will allow me to walk my hiney off without looking like little-girl-in-big-city. Thoughts?

*Sienna is home sick today which is forcing me to be still. I'm sorry for her little body that is racked with yuckiness but thankful for a day at home in my sweats. My busy has allowed my normal routine to get away from me and I'm anxious to catch up.

*My commitment to daily exercise is paying off, not so much in poundage but in feeling strong and seeing parts change shape. I feel good. Healthy and able. Time to put the bike on the rollers and go for a spin.

Happy Wednesday!


{april kennedy} said...

So so happy you loved your ring!!

GS said...

Where were Spencer, Hannah and Lily when you climbed Multnomah Falls?

superbrad9 said...

Spence and Hannah were too scared to climb up......

Anaface said...

Shoe advice:
1.pack to die for shoes to wear to a show (like my sister Mel would wear:)
2. if you want to be a big girl in the city your going to have to wear running shoes to see all of the sights, otherwise you will end up ditching your cute little numbers for a pair of not so cute over priced comfy numbers to tame your barking dogs or cover your cute little numbers with bandaids which will let on to your tourtist status.

Have fun in the city! Ride the MTA, take a moment just to listen to all of the sounds!

tharker said...

As much as it kills me to say this, you probably should just wear a good old pair of running/walking shoes. Oh, the not cuteness! But I'm sure your feet will thank you for not trying to be cute while walking all over Manhattan.

Picturing Brad's Grandpa alone and sad...makes me sad. It reminds me of my sweet grandma after my grandpa died. After 64 years together, she just didn't know what to do with herself after he was gone.

Get better Sienna!!

Jenn said...

I told Lindsay this too, but my sister rocked her TOMS the whole time she was in NYC {2 weeks} and said they were the best.

Your grandpa and my grandpa need to be friends. Alzheimers is hard because its like your loved one goes away twice. boo.

I'm glad you are feeling better about your efforts. I always feel like the more I work out the fatter I feel at first. Then I start to see the results.

Have a cozy wednesday!

Sarah said...

Love that hike at Multnomah Falls. It's so beautiful it makes my fear of heights a little more tolerable. I hear you on the busy days - and that's a good way to look at it, that one day you will be wishing you were still busy with a full day instead of trying to find things to do. I'll try and look at my days like that a little more. Shoe advice - if it were me I would buy myself a rocking new pair of workout shoes to kill two birds with one stone. A.) You'll be super comfortable and sporty looking and B.)You can reward yourself for all of your hard work and have new workout shoes to use when you get home from your trip. Pack lots of bandaids no matter what though!

karen★ said...

see? more than six of us! you sound like you need a few days off for awhile. i'm glad that with all that's been going on in your life that you've had some happy things to look forward to. pretty soon they will be in more than just your mailbox!

Lisa said...

My oh my, you weren't kidding, you have been busy!

Love that gorgeous ring. I had one like it a beautiful blue. But only days after I got it, it got stepped on and smooshed during a hospital stay with Elisabeth (long story). Sad, sad day.

Mimi said...

ok I am super dork. I have been trying to find you some cute & comfy shoes. i think your best bet might be to have a comfy pair of flats, bring a pair of swanky shoes for a show or two and a pack of bandaids. I can't wait to hear what you bring!