Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Things Relay-ted

Summer is in full swing around these parts which means we've been swimming, BBQing and swimming some more. I've had no time to blog and should be cleaning my bathrooms right now for the impending arrival of my cousin from Canada, but I just wanted to give a big shout out to my amazing Relay team. Relay was almost two weeks ago and I'm still laughing about all the fun we had.

From Kim, who was the first to arrived and was full throttle the entire night, aching for the "full experience" of Relay.

And Camie, who literally walked the track at 2 in the morning with her eyes closed, desperate not to be the first one to call it a night and hit the tents.

To Tamara, who once again brought her sweet little family and circled that track with me and took on the DJ whose taste in music left much to be desired.

To Cajsa, who began running laps as soon as she showed up to try and catch up with us because the thought of being behind was killing her. And her awesome daughter Tealani who slept in a folding chair and never complained a bit.

To Marilyn, who brought her daughter Madeline to walk with us even though it was her dad's birthday and she hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.

And Lindsay, my returning teammate who may have compared my leadership skills to Hitler but who walked and danced her little hiney off regardless of my Nazi tactics.

To Nicole, who showed up with dinner when we needed it most and offered to come back out at midnight to bring us round two.

And Tiffani, who baked us cinnamon rolls in the middle of the night, which uncharacteristically didn't turn out, and then stalked the local bakery to bring us treats at 5 in the morning.

And finally to Tracy, who isn't technically on my team but is a true Boob at heart, for walking an amazing 29 1/2 miles and showing us all what's up.

These ladies astound me. The lift me up and make me laugh and step up to the plate and support me in everything I do. I had a blast with them and created memories that will last me ages.

I could have done with the dehydration that set in at about 5:30 am and caused me to chuck in a porta-potty.

I. Don't. Want. To. Talk. About. It.

But really. Who does this? Who walks all night, gets no sleep, pees in box over a hole, listens to the world's crappiest music and loves every second?

They do. And I love them all. Next year ladies? I promise to leave my Hitler at home.


Cathy said...

So wish I could have come to see it. Such an awesome thing you all did.

tharker said...

I'm still a little bummed that the cinnamon rolls didn't turn out. And even more bummed that the crazy man at Vierra's wouldn't let me in to buy donuts. So, I was there an hour before opening...whatever!

So happy to help you guys! I'm amazed at what you all did!!

Tam~n~Fam said...

Hahaha, love this post! Hehe. Good times. I'm determined to make it maybe...1/4 or dare I say a 1/3 of what you all do next year so please don't leave Hilter at home! Thanks for being HeadBoob KJ...LOVE you!

Mimi said...

Wow! You girls are inspirational. Great work Karen!