Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Birthday Girl

Dear Sienna,

Last Friday you turned six-years-old. I hate being behind on special posts like this but you are always quick to forgive and I love that about you. We have been busy summering it up over here and you are showing your spunk yet again.

Like at swim lessons, when one day you'll hop in the pool ready to conquer the world and then the next day when no amount of coaxing will get you in the water.

Or when chicken enchiladas will be your favorite meal one night but you won't touch it the next time I make it.

Or how you spent most of your birthday morning running around the house with all the excitement your little body could hold until you realized that turning six means being in school full time and you fell apart into a pool of tears, not wanting to be away from Mama for that long.

It can be frustrating at times but it reminds me that you are still my little peanut, walking the fine line of little girl and big girl. You can take your time little Squish; I will happily hold onto my little girl for as long as you'll let me.

I love the way are the first to curl up with Dad or me at anytime or anywhere. I love that you talk with your hands (wherever did you learn that?) and jut your hip out to one side when making your point. I love that you have really started to "play" with Austin and see him as more than just the baby around here. I love that you are sweet and sassy and full of life.

I will miss you like crazy next year but can't wait to see what the world of six brings to you.

Happy Birthday Sienna.



Mimi said...

I loved when you said 'you can take your time little Squish'! I hope she does. Love that girl!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Sienna. Anna was so sad to miss your party. we will have to have a playdate over here to celebrate!

Kelly said...

Such a sweet girl, I can't believe she is six years old already. I'm sure she will love being six!