Monday, July 18, 2011

Look Ma! I'm A Home Decor Blogger!

Several weeks ago, my SIL Jen shot me a text early one Saturday morning.

"Would this work for your buffet?

Attached was a grainy picture of a very dated, very dark, very not-so-cute bedroom set complete with a queen sized headboard and foot board, two side tables, a mattress and box spring, and a perfectly proportioned solid wood horizontal dresser.


After literally two years of searching for just the right thing, Jen nagged me a beauty. The seller wouldn't separate the sale so when my husband pulled up after his morning ride, he found a garage full of furniture we didn't actually need. But that dresser, it was perfect.

I quickly called Camie who came running over to give me the rundown on what to do. Camie is the queen of refinishing and re-purposing and after a few directions, I was good to go.

I needed new hardware and after a quick run to Hobby Lobby (ok, it wasn't a quick run because there are literally a million different pulls there and it took me ages to decide) I was ready for sanding and painting. The sanding was quick, the painting a breeze and I was giddy over the end results.

Here's my beauty before:

And here she is now:

I know real DIY boggers take up close and personal pictures, but since I'm not a DIY blogger, I'm using these that my awesome cousin-in-law Mario took.

And because my camera has gone missing so this is all I've got.

But trust me! She's a beauty and I'm tickled with the results. I use it all the time and it has freed up my bar space which was my ultimate goal. Even Brad, and my harder to please BIL Matt have commented that it's pretty farging cool, which is the ultimate praise from those two.

Thanks Jen. I heart it so.


Kelly said...

It's a beaut! I love the finish, not too shiny... just right! I also like the way your colorful dishes pop on the top! Now if only I could see it in person... :)

Sarah said...

It looks great Karen! Perfect spot for it right by your table. I've been hunting for one (a little smaller in size) for a while now to refinish and think I've finally found it. You've got me itching to do some more painting! And if the guys in your family like it, you definitely scored.

Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

Oooh, if you need someone to take a headboard off of your hands, send me a pic! We've been looking for a headboard for awhile with no luck. And let me know how much you want for it!
ashleycalaway {at} gmail {dot} com.

Love the buffet, it looks awesome! I love re-doing furniture. It's a new found love of mine :)

Cajsa said...

It turned out great! The dresser doesn't look so bad either! LOL

Mimi said...

Yes you are! It is fantastic!!

LindaR said...

Hang on to the headboard and footboard - I saw a cool bench made out of these pieces.

Jenn said...

Looking good!

almond nuthouse said...

love it! i wish I had the ability to see the potential of what things could become. Love it!