Friday, September 02, 2011

First Week Recap

I can almost hear the collective "we made it through the first week of school" sigh that is happening around these parts. Our week was awesome...crazy....a little bit stressful....a whole lot of fun.


::Seeing Spencer's face every morning as he heads out to the bus and when he walks again through my front door. That kid is jazzed about his new school situation and is already making the most of his year.

::Hearing the girls and Austin say again and again and again how much they miss their big brother. He's been out of the house before they've even hopped out of bed each morning this week and they truly miss them. I guess all my force feeding of "Love. One. Another. Now!" is paying off.

::Hannah has showed some real maturity this week as she has stepped into the roll of big sister and has helped me repeatedly without being asked. I knew this Hannah was in there. I'm so happy to see her showing herself.

::Sienna and her best classmate showed up at carpool this morning wearing the exact same thing. I was worried about Sienna's reaction but the two fell into a fit of giggles that continued until we got to school.

::Earning my best mom ever status this morning as I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof and blared the Friday song throughout the car. (Glee version only peeps.) We sang our hearts out and loved every second.

::I taught an enrichment class last night with my partner in crime, Amy and we laughed ourselves silly. I think we managed just the right combo of useful information and comedy and walked the line of could-be-inappropriate. At least we were well received and I've already had 2 requests to teach again, so it couldn't have been that bad. Thanks Ames! You slay me.

::We have family arriving later today and we are all psyched about the weekend ahead. We have a new baby in our family (that I thankfully did not have to deliver or carry) and will spend the weekend ahead loving on our new niece Sophie. She's gorgeous and perfect in every way. Congrats to Matt and Jen!

::Finally, the Rizz and I will be celebrating our anniversary on Tuesday. I know some people find anniversary's silly but I love to make a big deal out of love. 14 years of nearly perfect bliss? Being more in love today that at the start of all this? Worth celebrating indeed.

Enjoy the long weekend kids. I know I will.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a successful week for all! :) Who doesn't like anniversarys??? I think they are important to celebrate- Hooray for another year of wedded bliss you two!

tharker said...

I wish I could have gone to your bread making class. It sounds like you two were quite the duo!

So glad your kids have had such a great week, and I'm SO proud of your sweet Hannah!!

Cathy said...

They were so cute in their matching outfits. Anna came home and told me all about rocking out to it's Friday. She sang the song for me and told me how cool it was! Have a great weekend.

Mimi said...

a great start to a great year for a great family!

you are raising some terrific kids there!

GS said...

I love that music is such a big part of your kids' lives. I can remember rolling down the windows and cranking up ABBA.