Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh The Places You'll Go

It is no secret that The Rizz and I live our lives on the move.  From here to there and everywhere in between, we are always traveling someplace.  We have been known to swing by our house in the summertime only to wash clothes, reload the car, and head out again in one day's time. 

We sort of love it.  Our kids sort of love it.  It's just how we do things. 

Case in point:

In the last two weeks, I've been: 

From home to Portland and back. 

From home to Spokane and back. 

From home to Seattle and back (in one day and only 36 hours after getting home from Spokane!)

and finally, from home to Couer d'Alene and back. 

We've also had house guests on two different occasions during this time. 

Crazy much? 

Even for us, that's a bit insane.  But it was all completely necessary and I can't see how we would have done it any differently. 

In Portland, The Rizz and I recharged with some dear friends and had some much needed married time. 

In Spokane, my get-in-there-and-fight  friend Tracy and I attended the Relay For Life Summit and I'm squirming with ideas on how to build our event and continue the fight against cancer.  It came at a perfect time and although we spent a good portion of the weekend crying, we came away uplifted and renewed in our fight.  Want to join me? 

In Seattle, I made my Hannah's birthday dream come true with a day all about her.  The American Girl store is crazy expensive, a long ways away, and completely ridiculous but if you have a daughter, you have to do it.  It was magical.  We will remember it for years to come. 

In Couer d'Alene, we helped some of our favorite people move into their new home.  A home that has been a long time coming and one that is perfect for their family.   

While I've loved every second of the last two weeks, I have to say that even I,  with my love of all things travel, am a bit warn out and am super excited to have a quiet weekend coming up. This time of year finds me yearning for the comfort of my home, the smells, sounds and memories that we make here.  I'm ready for early evenings cozied up on the couch and late mornings curled up in bed.   

Sadly, that will probably only last a week or two and then I'll be itching to hit the road again.  But for now, I'm loving being at home. 


Heather said...

That's insane. For real. But it sounds like fun to me.

Kelly said...

I'm just going to call you globetrotter from now on. Glad you've had such a fun time all over the place!

Tracy said...

I'm real gald i got to go on two of those journeys with you!

Mimi said...

Just making memories from place to place, right? Enjoy your time at home for a little while :)