Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just A Reminder That This Isn't A Beauty Blog


My hair is officially longer than it has been my entire adult life.  Like, halfway down my back in long.  Like probably too long for my age (which is about to increase by a year in a few weeks) but I don't really care.  It has some layers.  It has some color.  It has some split ends.  And I sort of love it.


It won't curl to save it's life.

And if it knew what was good for it, believe me, it would curl.  

I finally caved last week and got my hands on a Hot Tools Curling Iron.  Everyone swears by them, and by everyone, I mean the people in my life that have enviable curly-able hair.  So I was super stoked to try it out on Saturday.  

I love the layout of the iron itself.  That sounds crazy, I know, but I like where the on/off button is and how to control the temperature gauge.  Nothing makes me crazier than a tool whose buttons are in the wrong spot!  I can't tell you how many times I've turned my hair drier to the "cool" setting accidentally.  Makes me nutty.  So I was pleased to see that the people behind Hot Tools had thought this stuff out.  

I turned it on.  

I waited for it to get nice and hot.  

I curled my first chunk of hair and....


Like really and truly, nothing.  The smallest bit of wave perhaps, but nothing like I was expecting.  


My stylist recommended a 2 inch barrel and since I always trust her, I went for it.  I think that may be where the problem lies because even though my hair is longer than long, that 2 inch barrel proved to be too much for it.  I will be exchanging it later this week for a better sized Karen barrel, but in the meantime, can you help a girl out?  What products do you use in hair when you know you want to curl it?  What technique do you use?  And will you come over and show me how because I clearly have no idea what I'm doing.  Say, every morning about 7:15 am?  

Ok, internets, do your thing!  Me and my long and straight are not-so-patiently waiting to hear what you have to say. 


tharker said...

I love your long hair, really, really love it! As for curling, I have no talents there, but I would definitely say have Linds work her magic. I've always loved her hair curled and after watching her turn my Hannah's not so curable hair into gorgeous locks for our family pictures, I'm totally convinced. That girl has skills!

Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

One thing I have noticed that helps my hair curl better is letting it air dry and then curling it. Also having some product in your hair will help too. Mousse, gel, whatever, seems to help. A humid climate also helps, which the Tri-Cities is not :) And I definitely agree, you need a smaller curling iron. I use a 1 inch curling iron, and when I am done, I look slightly Shirley Temple-ish, but the curls with fall a little after a while and give the not so Shirley and super sexy waves :) Good luck!

Jenn Warnick said...

heat protecting styling spray and try a curling wand! you can borrow mine if you want to try it out. my hair stays curled for a couple days.

Jenn Warnick said...

i also use my straightener to curl my hair a lot maybe try that?

Verna said...

Get ya some Biologe thermal active setting spray.Spray it on dry hair right before ya curl.Works like a charm! it would be helpful to also have put some kinda styling product in your hair when wet and dried in. Also, split ends don't curl very well :( I would recommend a 1 1/4" Hot tools. Start by putting the top section of your hair (close to your scalp) in the curling iron and turn the iron while pulling the rest of the hair through and around the iron till all the hair is wrapped up. Let it out and definitely finish with some hair spray!

Kelly said...

I wish I could give you half of my crazy curly locks... Then I think we'd both be happy. Except mine are the kind that slowly get bigger by the hour and pretty soon you look like you should be one of the extra's on Footloose (1980's edition). I think it's funny that I'm always trying to straighten my hair and you're trying to curl yours! Tri-cities has no humidity??? That settles it, I'm moving over there! :)

Heather said...

I curl my hair with a flat iron too. Works the best. (Not being sarcastic either, sometimes my natural curls need some direction).

Tiffany Fackrell said...

put some gel in your hair when it is wet and then blow dry it. also instead of putting your hair in the clamp of the curling iron wrap your hair around the barrell. my hair will only keep a curl if I wrap the hair around the curling iron and not the other way around. does that make sense? good luck it's always so frustrating trying to figure it out. I would be more then happy to show you...even though we have only met oh probably like once or twice maybe!

Sarah said...

Karen, I was serious about having a hair night. I'm almost positive I can get your hair to curl. I don't use any fancy curling irons, products or tricks, although I do like the sound of the prodcut Verna suggested and I curl it the way she described starting close the scalp. I think it's the method of blow drying to a certain consistency and not letting it get too straight and then curling in sections, finger combing a little, spraying some spray, and then touching up a few pieces. Also, as Ashley said letting it air dry is also great if you have the time. It will look crazy at first, but the heat from the curling iron will tame it all down. It's helpful if you have texture to your hair.