Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Dear Hannah,

Ten whole years. 

A decade of having a daughter and loving her like no other. 

Ten years of watching you grow, first noticing your resemblance to me and then seeing your personality peek out and reveal that you and I are indeed cut from the same cloth. 

We love the same things.  Pasta, movies and all things girly. 

We get frustrated by the same things.  Rules, restrictions and being told no.

We see the world in precisely the same way and yet often find ourselves staring at each other in wonder, trying to figure out which battle to pursue and which to let lie. 

You have challenged me, sweet Hannah, to step up my mothering game and be fully present in each moment that we share.  You have beautifully mimicked my desire to help others and have a nurturing soul that gives and gives and gives.  I see a life of service ahead for you, perhaps as a teacher or maybe a doctor where you can open up that huge heart of yours and pour out love to those in need. 

It's no wonder that Austin calls for you when sad. 

Or that Sienna, who will fight you on just about every silly thing she can think of, will also cry for you when you're not around. 

Or that Dad and I with well up with love when you show your Hannahness to someone in need.

You are a light.  A light that will shine on and cast a shadow of hope and happiness and love wherever you go. 

Go far, my girl and dream big.  The world is yours for the taking. 

Happy Birthday Munners.



Melanie said...

Please tell me you teared up while writing this! I'm fighting back tears of Hannah joy reading it!! I totally love that girl.

Happy Birthday Hannah! We are lucky to get to know your ten year old beautiful, giving, independent self.

GS said...

Dear Hannah, I will love you always. You are your mother's daughter as she is mine. You have inherited her caring spirit, and some of those other traits also.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Trevor and Sara said...

So beautifully written! I know I don't get to see you or Hannah often, buit when I do, I am in awe of how grouwn-up and maternal and kind Miss Hannah is. It's true - you can ask Melanie. :) Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Tracy said...

Beautifully written for a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

wow, just wow.

Tam~n~Fam said...

Perfect, love it. Love you Hannah, Happy Birthday!!!

Jenn Warnick said...

Happy Birthday Sweet girl!

sonja hansen said...

Happy birthday my sweet hannah. We love you dearly.

kelly said...

Wow. You have such a gift for writing the most touching and truthful words. Hannah is a light for sure and I hope her birthday was just as fun as she is.