Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Modern Wish

So, Hannah turned 10.

And we did what you do when someone has a birthday.  

We had a party.  

Several friends over for the night with dancing and nail painting and movie watching and all in all just being 10.  It was loud and chaotic but perfectly Hannah and other than the Wii-remote-to-someone's-eye-who-had-to-leave-to-go-get-stiches-thing, we handled it beautifully.  

A few days before the party, Hannah mentioned that she just had to invite this girl from her class to come because they were the best of friends and she couldn't turn 10 without her.  I know this little girl from my time at the school and because Hannah talks of her continually and was delighted to have her at the party but I calmly explained that since this young girl's parents didn't know us, it would be doubtful that she could come.  Hannah left for school the day of the party with invite in hand, determined to get her friend here.  

You can imagine my surprise when she came through the door after school informing me that this girl's parents would be dropping her off for the night at 6 pm sharp.  I was so doubtful that I didn't really believe it until she called asking for directions to our house.  

This is where I climbed way up top to the moral high ground just so I could have a good view of things.  

I would never leave my child at a party where I didn't know the family.  

Especially not a sleepover. 

They must be horrible parents as they clearly don't care about the safety of their child.  

(Not that we are unsafe.  Just sayin.) 

When this sweet little one showed up with her dad, Hannah called for The Rizz to come and talk with the father.  He was all smiles and manners and they spoke for a few minutes before he hugged his daughter and left.  

And this is what I decided:  wouldn't it be nice if we really could just trust each other?  Wouldn't it be dreamy if we sought out the good in situations and people, believing that we're all in this world together with the same goal?  To love each other's children and help keep them safe?  Wouldn't it be life-changing to not have a million different things to fear when it comes to our kids?  That people would do as they say and say what they did?  

The view from the high ground clouded over as I gave up my perch and set about loving the kids that were in my home for the night.  They were safe.  They were warm. They were fed and loved and appreciated.  

Just as it should be. 


Melanie said...

if only we lived in a world were we didn't have to fear for our child's safety. i'm glad her parents allowed her to spend the night. maybe he knew more about the situation than we realized?

Tracy said...

At some point, we have to MAKE a point to know the families of the kids our children hang out with. There may be no better time than a Birthday party. :)